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Hello from west Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kawi, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone. My names Jacob I'm 21 and a pure novice when it comes to the big wide world of motorcycling. I've been lurking on these forums as a guest for well over a month and so far my favourite topic to view is the near miss discussions. I love viewing those posts and threads as it gives me a lot of insight and knowledge into the unexpected dangers of riding.

    Any way back to me... Yes unfortunately I'm an L player. I own a 2001 kawasaki er5 at first glance I fell Inlove with this bike as I wasn't searching for a race bike or a cruiser I only bought the bike for commuting to and from work. I'm employed as a full time concreter I love my work a lot but I love my new found freedom even more.

    When I took my first ride it was 4 months after obtaining my learner permit and I was nervous I was making so many novice mistakes such as taking corners too wide not focusing my line of sight through corners and reading the roads ahead and therefore have had a rocky start and feared I had bought the wrong motorcycle fearing that a 500cc bike was too powerful for my abilities. Over time I've read studied and tried to put the knowledge I read here from more experienced riders on these forums have to offer into my day to day riding. I have now come to the conclusion that I will be undertaking a beginners riding skill course to teach me other possible techniques I could learn and then progress to the intermediate course and so on. Anyway enough about the abilities and onto the things I love! We'll Ofcourse riding is a new found passion of mine otherwise I wouldn't be here. I love social and cultural events and casual get togethers and hopefully plan to befriend some fellow riders on here.

    And with that said I shall stop this thread here.

    Ride safe look forward to being a frequent member on this forum. Cheers
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  2. Hey Jacob,

    Welcome to NR.

    Most of started at the same point. Excited and inexperienced. Virginity is like that, really.

    Highly recommend Sat practice at Elwood (occurs most Saturdays) and the ride that follows, and/or the Sunday Learner friendly rides. The leaders who take these rides are excellent in choosing roads which challenge noobs, without scaring the pants off them. Bit of a trip from Werribee, but you'll be riding there and back, so even better for you.

    The Er-5 is a great beginners bike and soon you'll know each other better than you ever expected. It's all about time in motion and miles travelled. I believe that every ride teaches you something, simply by trying to be smoother, read the road and traffic conditions and becoming one with the machine.

    In the past 13 months, I've never returned from a ride (long or short) and thought 'Nothing new here'.
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  3. Thanks for your swift reply I could not agree more . Each ride I take is a learning curve I'm slowly developing new tactics on encounters I'm familiar with and learning more each day as I encounter situations I'm not familiar with. I absolutely love my er 5 the other half is not as thrilled about my love for riding but she's yet to experience the joy :)

    In regards to the Elwood rides where could I find further information on this event? This is something I'm definitely interested I. The longest ride I've done is 1:30 mins and loved ever second!

  4. G'day JacobJacob, welcome to Netrider.

    There's no reason to think being on your Ls is unfortunate. You're in a great position to learn everything you can without picking up bad habits.

    The combination of attending a rider skills course and the Netrider Saturday morning practice sessions at Elwood will set you up to be a safe, competent and confident rider as well as preparing you for the rider test later on.
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  5. Saturday Morning Practice occurs most Saturdays unless the weather is bad and in that case the organiser posts a cancellation. The location and time information is in the first post. Any recent info is in the last posts.

    [Saturday] 10am Basic Skills Practice

    Then when you feel you are ready and have spoken to the guys at Elwood there is generally a ride starting from Elwood in the afternoon.

    [Saturday] Uncles EPIC after practise ride
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  6. Hey KawiKawi and welcome to NR! :D
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  7. Hi KawiKawi enjoy being a learner. It is a roller coaster ride, with lots of great ups and a few downs but it is always fun, something to see and the odd scary bits.
    Think also about what you are gaining...a new skill that will take you all over the place even the world and you will meet some great people. Much better than driving I reckon!
    Go to the learner sessions. :)
    Lots of truly lovely people down your way, you will have a ball and will learn so much from them all.
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  8. Come along to the Saturday sessions; we don't bite. Hawklord and GreyBM (Doug and Dave) will give heaps of advice (turn your fking head!!).

    Another good resource is the Noob 101 Cornering threads.

    As to being a learner...we all started there. I didn't leave my immediate block for a month!
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  9. Welcome to NR Jacob, there's plenty of us newbies around and plenty of experience to guise you through as well.
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  10. Welcome to NR..

    +1 to Saturday practice... Awesome place.
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  11. Thanks everyone! Would love to come along to the rides on Saturday won't be for another fortnight at least! :( I'm still err taking the local routes for now until I feel I can ride safely and confident at higher speeds and with more traffic.

    Today was actually my first highway run although it was only one exit away it's experience I guess. Got myself some riding gear as I've come to realise jeans work boots and a hoody definitely is unsafe...
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  12. welcome aboard :]
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  13. #13 Bee, Jul 8, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2015
    Welcome Jacob!!!

    If you need an escort to the saturday practice , just post in the in the thread , someone will be more than happy to ride along with you there . As others have mentioned hawklordhawklord and GreyBMGreyBM are great and will help you in anyway they can :D

    Also high recommend getting a mentor or even a riding buddy .

    Anyway ..HAVE FUN and hope to see you at the saturday practice sometime :)
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  14. Welcome :woot:
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  15. Welcome, definitely look in to Saturday practise and Uncle's Epic ride. Saturday practise was too far for me but the epic rides have been an absolute blast.
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  16. Hi Jacob and welcome aboard. When you are ready to ride to St Kilda for practice send me a message and I will see what I can do to help escort you in.
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