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Hello from west melbourne.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by QuarterBlade, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. G'day.

    My name is Mark. 21 years old living half hour west of melbourne. I've been riding dirt bikes my whole life and have been on and off with the road bikes. My first bike was a 1983 honda VT250F. she was a beut! recently had a 600 but decided to sell to get something a little more commuter.

    below is an awkward photo at peter stevens in melbourne from a few days ago when I picked up my new cbr250r.


  2. Welcome Mark!
  3. Welcome Mark and have fun out there :). Also from the west (Fear Park), so might see you out there :).
  4. Welcome Mark. Another one from out west (y)
  5. Welcome, mate.

    Pop down to Saturday practice and meet a few of us.

    Also a good chance to get used to the new wheels.
  6. ^^
    As above.

    ..and welcome to NR. :)
  7. Yup .. what he said :p

    And Welcome to the NutHouse :D
  8. Hi Mark and welcome to NR

    Just a hint... try to stay on as it is better than off :LOL:
  9. haha! I feel heaps more confident with my full comp insurance now. peter stevens did swan insurance for me for half the price if I did it myself
  10. welcome to NR, insurance is great at any price, trick is not having to use it!!