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Hello from WA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rzedder, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Hi, Just joined this site, new to computing so a bit slow at working out how to use it. Recently been reading forums here and find it caters for all types of riding and motorcycles.

    Myself?- been with bikes all my life and currently restoring my old RZ that I've owned since 1985.

    It's been a long project that while waiting for my mechanic to complete- (Since '94) I've sold an FZR, Written off a YZF750(Hit&Run), bought a new Daytona and sold it with 50,000klms, worn out 5 Endurobikes and finally thru not riding the past 2yrs- decided to get into it and finish it myself!

    The old girl is Immaculate with 31k on clock, 17" wheels and had the powervalves removed which completely changes the engine characteristics and hopefully reliability!

    Anyone else with RZ500's out there :?:
  2. Hi there Rzedder, welcome to the forum..............and to computers!
  3. Howdy Rzedder and welcome.
    RZ500 is a very nice bike indeed :)
    I have a 82 RD350LC that I have been trying to rebuild since our last little ride out together in 1996.
    Like most bikes they dont like the rear of cars @ 70km/h.
    This bike my old man bought brand new and I would not let him sell.
    Ning Ning Ning love that 2 stroke.
  4. Heya Rzedder! Nice to see another WA fella on here :) Actually this week is the first thursday of the month so a few of us are getting together at the Vic Park Hotel (otherwise known as "Cheers") if you're interested and up that way... you might even manage to find someone to ride up with you most of the way as Scorpious31 looks to be coming provided he's well enough :grin:

    Click here if you're interested in more detail :grin:
  5. I'll cant go this time, but will send a mate on his Rossi R6 instead. he's been kind enough to lend it to me recently and he's keen! cheers
  6. hellooooooooooo!
  7. Welcome.

    Ah the RZ500, how well I remember that famous day at Oran Park when Michael Dowson and Richard Scott took out one of the last ever Castrol Six-Hour races on the dreaded two-stroke, ahead of one W Gardner on a Honda. And the arguments still rage on in some circles...

    I have a friend who bought one in the early nineties and still has it in his shed. He doesn't ride it, he's just hoping it will increase in value (it's in immaculate condition...)

    piccies please, and I presume you're familiar with this
    http://www.rzrd500.com/500phpBB2/index.php?sid=82d8d4a0d3d014a70d5ee23138aa8b8e ?
  8. No worries, always good to meet another rider :grin: We'll be there!
  9. Rzedder, welcome mate.
    would love to see the project some time.



    Hey Troy,
    hows things mate?
    Havent seen you round the forums for a while. Everything OK?
  10. Welcome to the forum :)
  11. Yeah I'm alright, just been flat out lately and not so much time for spouting my nonsense... :p I'm up Kalamunda way two nights a week and on Sunday mornings so that doesn't help. Cheers for asking though! Will we see you on Thursday night?
  12. Welcome RZedder

    Wa is starting to get a few members and meets together.
    Hope to see Perthies grow and grow

    Must have missed Havago so belated hello too you too
  13. Heya Rzedder... Welcome to the forums. Hope to meet you at future coffee nights and rides.
  14. Thanks for the welcome.

    Happy with the Reception Here, Cheers to all U WA riders! From 91-94 I used to go for regular country blasts with a group called 'Day Riders' We'd all meet early on a Sunday at Bayswater or wherever and sometimes have 30 riders turn up. Run by a guy chris (He bought Patto's Carbon&Black 749) Anyone who used to Go on these rides here.......?

    Hornet600 the RZ/RD500 site is exactly what i need, lotsa info there. Some Nice bikes being built, amazing that there's probably more interest now than ever in the bikes history. Most are using the old engine only and putting it in modern frames.
    Expensive engines to build and properly set up but inspiring to see and keeps me motivated.