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Hello from Traralgon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Enjoying the hospitality of Brian 26146 and his dear wife, and I will be in the city mid-morning. So, before the Dinner, is anyone going to be anywhere for a coffee and a chat???

    smee, what about that coffee you've been promising??? :)

  2. i'll be running around, i think you have my mobile, just give me a text and i will come say hi if i can make it. be good to meet you, didnt manage to put name to face on my sydney trip.
  3. If you're heading into Dandenong Paul .. gimme a call, will PM my No. :)
  4. How long you gonna be in?
  5. You bugger. Call into Sale on your way home. We have a "riders café".
    Mobile No PM'd
  6. Sound your horn as you ride past Connell's Motel. If I'm out toiling away I'll throw some rocks or something at ya!

    Have a good run.
  7. :shock:
    :LOL: :LOL:
  8. 1:00pm I'm at MVRog's place now, about to head out to a couple of places with him, going to the dinner tonight and heading back tomorrow morning (weekend church committments)

    I know it's not kosher but my number's (0413) 055 088, if you're not going to be there tonight, give me a bell....
  9. Too hard at such short notice with a 3 year old and no time to organise ourselves mate
    raincheck and next time stay longer!
  10. How many sides are there on a traralgon?

    must be like 13 or something

  11. How can you quantify heaven? Or try to describe it geometrically?
  12. For a start it's going to be lop-sided and a little bit off balance... :p :LOL: