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Hello from Toodyay, WA!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by stinhambo, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Hello there everyone,

    Let me tell you what I'm thinking at the moment.

    My Dad has been riding motorbikes for about 35 years. He has been in 2 bad accidents, neither were his fault.

    I am 30 but I had a sit on a trail bike the other day (I am 2m tall by the way!) and I suddenly had a rush of how cool it would be to learn how to ride on of these things.

    I have a 200cc Suzuki trail/farm bike in the shed which I haven't used before (someone elses but I'm allowed a go) and now my feet are itching!

    I live on a farm here so I have plenty of quiet space to learn so I think I'm going to have a go and see what I can teach myself.

    The advice I have been given is to learn clutch control, steady braking, figure of 8 and slow speed manouvering.

    PS. My dream bike is a Transalp or one of the old Africa Twins (it's that height issue again!)

    Out of interest is there a decent bike up to 250cc that is similar to the above? You can get a Kawasaki KLE 250 in the UK but only the 500cc here :(

    Hello again and I hope to meet up with some of you.
  2. G'day mate,
    i'm afraid i dont know about those bikes you mention so i'll leave that to other who are more experienced. But i just thought i say hi and welcome to another WA rider.

    Oh and i trust you'll be getting yourself down to the Northam Motorcycle Show at the end of October. There might be some other Netriders planning a group ride up there.

    Welcome again and cheers.

  3. Yeah I think I definitely will be there. It's only 40kms from me so I would be silly to miss it.

    I will be driving there so I hope I don't get any eggs thrown at me ;)

    I see you have a Hyosung!I just read a review and they are pretty good and roomy enough for us tall folk!

    I'd really like a good touring/trail bike though.
  4. G'day mate and welcome! Like the Duffman I'm unable to comment on your bike options, though I guess I could just thrust in their direction :p but good to hear about another WA rider joining the ranks :)

    One thing I can tell you is for your test you won't have to do a figure of 8, but rather an "O turn" (straight for a 1-2m, then tight turn right, rinse, repeat). They don't train you to do figure 8's because it'd be illegal to actually perform one on the road (as you'd be riding down the wrong side of the road at some point in during the manouvre :roll:).

    Anyways, hope to see you on the road sometime soon!
  5. Firstly, welcome.
    A 30yo bloke in a rural environment with a bike in the shed he's never ridden? I have to confess to being a bit gobsmacked, but I'm sure there's an explanation.
    For what its worth....
    If you intend to ride on the road I would recommend you go down to Midland and get your Ls (ok van?) then get some professional instruction. There are plenty of schools who will provide a bike if need be. If you decide to teach yourself, even with advice from this forum, you may not have the correct technique and have to change habits down the track, something thats not always easy to do. IMO Its much better to practise a skill after you know for sure what you are supposed to be doing!
  6. What he said. I kinda naturally assumed you would, but definitely best to get some lessons under your belt, then practice it.

    Practice doesn't make perfect, PERFECT practice makes perfect. Practicing wrong fcuks things up all over the shop.
  7. Well No.1 I am a pom and the bike has arrived in the last few weeks. I've only been in Toodyay for about a year so hopefully that is a valid excuse!!

    I'll find out about the L's...
  8. Just thought I'd say hi too. I am in Lower Chittering (not too far from Toodyay down the back roads) and also originally a pom (been here for 6 years now). I'm just learning at the moment, have had about 4 lessons so far out of Midland. You have got to go do the written test (30 multiple choice questions on the computer at the licensing centre) to get your L plates here. Then to go out on the road, you have to go with somebody who has 4? years experience, and practice, practice, practice til you can go for your test.

    I would offer to come out for a ride with you but it will be months before I am anywhere near going for my test!!!! :eek:

    The tight turns are giving me the sh**s at the moment!
  9. Hi there!

    Well I think I'll be heading down to Midland in the not too distant then.

    Is there somewhere I can learn the answers to the questions they ask?

    Lower Chittering isn't a million miles away. I can't believe you need someone with experience! How the hell are you supposed to learn?

    Oh well... I am now saving for a helmet and some lessons.
  10. Hello and welcome stinhambo,

    I'm hearing great things about the roads down your neck of the woods. I'll echo everthing the others said (saves thinking for myself :p ). Definately get some training in if you're planning on going out on the road. Having said that there's no harm in getting on a bike and doing some slow riding before hand. Better yet, set up a little jump with a 2x4 and a pile of bricks and go nuts :). Sorry, memories of my PeeWee50 came flooding back for a second there.

    See you on the road,

  11. Cheers Crumpet Man!

    I think I'll try out the bike up and down a bit of flat road we have on the farm to get used to clutch control and braking.

    Then I can get a couple of lessons under my belt at Midland so I can practice them a bit more.
  12. Welcome to both of you. Here are a couple of WA links you may find useful,



    I sometimes fly aircraft at the old RAAF diversionary airstrip at Bindoon, which is actually on the road from Chittering to Toodyay, (Dewars Pool Road). I usually ride there, so maybe I can be an "experienced person" occasionally, so you get a ride. It's nice country round there......if you don't go 'base over apex' on a carpet of honkey nut ball-bearings... :LOL:
  13. Cool a pilot!

    I used to fly RAF Chipmunks back in England when I was in the ATC!

    Yeah it would be nice to buddy up and perhaps have a feed at the Coca Cola Cafe in Toodyay.
  14. Bet you didn't often spin em though, buggers flatten out nicely after a few turns, and the recovery can be, shall we say, interesting. :shock:
  15. Yup there's a Road Safe book they provide at the DPI, you can either pick one up and flick through it before you do the test, or take one home and have a proper read before you do it. You have 15 minutes to do a 15 question test though and it's mainly common sense so you should be fine :) Although do brush up on your Right of Way knowledge, especially for roundabouts ;)

    Same as when you learnt in a car. Pay for some lessons then get a friendly rider to babysit you (netrider is great for that ;))

    ::edit:: See there's Incy! Trust me he's very gentle :p
  16. Not a country boy are we joker? finding an instructor in a country town can be like finding a pork chop at a Kosher butcher.
  17. Well they look pretty straight forward!
  18. :LOL: Maybe I just figure everyone is as addicted as I am... I was willing to travel to Geraldton to get a lesson if I had to :LOL:

    But still I'd recommend an instructor at the start, even if you only have a couple of lessons at the start and maybe a couple just before your test to tidy up any bad habits... I have no doubt that having the big property to practice on he'll get some covert riding in :twisted:
  19. Oh yes I surely will Joker :)
  20. G'day stinhambo, welcome to netrider...
    hmmm, yet more sandgropers...

    definately breeding like flies..................