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Hello From the West

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PatB, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Hi there.

    I’ve been lurking on NR for a while and thought I’d go the next step and introduce myself.

    Not really sure what to say so I’ll start with a rundown of my riding history.

    I’ve been riding on an everyday basis for 18 years now and was interested in bikes for several years before that, although parental disapproval, poverty and doubts about my own abilities resulted in a latish start at the age of 22.

    If you don’t count the Lambretta Vega 75 I had briefly as a field bike when I was 15 (and if I’d known how rare it was I probably wouldn’t have bent it and then removed the motor to use as a stationary power plant), I started on a Honda C90 step thru (brilliant learner bike), graduating through an assortment of CZ and Jawa 250s and 350s (which were fantastically cheap to run because complete strangers would give me free ones) to a loathsome Honda CB400N (worst bike in the world bar none), an MZ TS250 (superb apart from the lethal lack of brakes) and, finally in the UK, a Suzuki GSX550 (the ultimate air-cooled middleweight and vastly superior in every way to the Kwak GPz 550s and GT550s all my mates were running at the time) with and without the sidecar I built for it. These were punctuated with various C90s when the main bike died, a brief interlude building a GS550 based chop with a mate, and regular use of my wife’s Triumph T100 (physically too small and vibrated like you wouldn’t believe but a nice little bike nonetheless) and breathed on Norton Commando 850 Mk IIA (a terrifying streak of noise and oil with less brakes than the MZ, more torque than a D9 Cat and the ability to transform anyone who rode it into a grinning, drooling, cackling lunatic).

    Since coming to Australia I’ve moved upmarket with a high mileage BMW K100RS, followed by a mildly crashed R1100RT, supplemented by test rides on various odds and ends.

    The K’s in process of being transformed into a chair puller for my wife to blat around on, although progress isn’t quick.

    I’m Perth (Hills) based and always happy to talk bikes and related matters with anyone of like mind.

    Apart from that I’m a qualified mechanical engineer, a reasonably experienced (amateur) mechanic and I’ve also dealt extensively with vehicle related legislation, both as a lobbyist (active MAG member in the UK) and as a legislator (WA Dept of Transport for 5 years but not any more) so I hope I may be able to make a positive practical contribution here.

    Anyhow, that’s me. See you on the forums (fora?).
  2. So, what have you done in your spare time :shock:??????

    Welcome to the fora, I can see you being asked lots of questions, and having the answers too.

    We have an active group of WA riders on Netrider, and even a coffee night or two going on.
  3. Wow you have a fairly impressive CV there.. :cool:

    Welcome to the NR world.. :grin:
  4. Thanks folks.

    Now you mention it, there does seem rather a lot there. All I can say is, it's amazing how things pile up over a couple of decades.

    Bear in mind that I'd have had a lot fewer bikes if most hadn't have been horrible old dogs at the end of their useful lives :).

    Still learning though and still with much to experience.