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Hello from the West (of Sydney)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Revoltix, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Hi

    An annoying popup says I have to introduce myself in the new rider section.

    So, I bought a Honda CBR250R and it's a red head. I'll be riding mainly as a commuter, but I'll be up for a pie shop run. (I've already been "told" I'm riding to a pie shop this Saturday).

  2. Welcome Revoltix, I guess the Sydney guys have started you on the traditional Pie run. There is also the Saturday Morning practice in Homebush if you are keen.
  3. Welcome to NetRider, Revoltix! Whereabout in the West are you?

    And what is this Pie run? Why I haven't been invited? ;)
  4. Thank you. You'll find me around the Liverpool area. As for the pie run, this one's a secret... shhh.
  5. Hi Revoltix,

    Welcome to NR. May see on the road oneday.
  6. Welcome to NR mate.. hopefully we get to know ya so we can come on this illusive pie run you mention (y)
  7. My first pie run was somewhat successful. It was good until it rained, now I have an extremely dirty CBR.
  8. (y) was a good trip then :) did you visit P.I.T.S.?
  9. I saw no P.I.T.S.
  10. darn it.. thought I nailed the whole pie mystery.. so it's a no to Pie in the Sky.. hmm.. must investigate further..
  11. Shouldn't be too hard to narrow down, there aren't many pie shops in the Livo area... or is there?
  12. In other news, I have survived the pie shop, getting soaked in a downpour on a muddy road, a council carpark, a clown in an Astra and speeds of up to 70km/h.
    Not bad for my first 100km. (y)