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Hello from the UK

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Skuzz, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. What a great community, a pleasure to have joined. I have been riding the original CB400F since 1976 and thought I'd upgrade to a CB400SF 2012 ABS edition.
    Quite a difference and what a great bike, helped by the UK actually getting a Summer (1st true one in 7 years!!!). The bike was obtained through an Australian contact Grahame at FVEJ in Japan, took 6 months to get it delivered & modified/tested for UK use but worth the wait.
    I've already started on some improvements, namely new Lithium battery (original weak due to storage) and changed the front and rear sprockets to calm it down a bit. Only fault so far has been the left hand mirror broke (very poor quality), I hope the Chinese copy I've ordered is a little better?
    Thanks to anyone reading my initial story

  2. Welcome Graham :) you'll have to put riding a motorbike around Oz on your bucket list - there's some awesome places to go (y)
  3. Welcome Skuzz.
    Looking forward to being jealous of your British road rules.
    Not looking forward to losing the Ashes again.
    Enjoy the CB400. Great thread on the bike on this forum.