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Hello from the south east of Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Bluelion, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie into the world of motorcycles and whilst doing my research, all roads led me to this forum! Had a lot of initial questions answered by silently browsing and finally decided to join.

    I bought my first ever bike, a matt-grey MT-07, and I've had it for a month now and is up for its first service.

    Cannot believe how much fun I'm still having on a bike even after the initial excitement has waned off, it was the original reason I bought one in the first place.
    In fact, the first time I ever got/rode on a motorbike was in my pre-learners course, 2 weeks before I bought the MT!

    My favourite routes have been the ones taking in gembrook, upper pakenham, the black spur area.

    If there are any tips/tricks/advice please don't hold back fellow riders. Always up for learning.

  2. Welcome mate, glad you're enjoying your ride. There are Sat practice sessions you can attend to grow your riding skill set and meet a bunch of like-minded people. Also many rides available to join up around your area, so check those out.
  3. Welcome to NR...

    As above...Come on down to the Saturday practice..

    MT07? These are very rare bikes...haven't seen one in a while. ;)
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  4. Welcome aboard and that's also one of my favourite local roads :)
  5. Welcome to Netrider.... MT07's are certainly very popular!
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    Re chillibutton & lazy libran, are those sat practices available to those not quite sure about their skill level? I don't want to be a danger on the road to other riders in the group if I'm not up to the level...

    NWRAP, what are your other fav roads?

    And thankyou all for the welcome, I'm looking forward to really getting stuck in to this new hobby of mine!
  7. I won't give them all away but through the back of Lang Lang out through Drouin into Launching place and back to Pakenham is my normal loop
  8. Would you consider that a route more for experienced campaigners or can it be done without too much hassle for a newbie?

    Sounds like a fun ride
  9. :] welcome aboard
  10. Saturday practice is for complete newbies as well... And to anyone who wants come down and say hi.


    Just come on down and have fun...
  11. It has some stuff to be wary of BUT as long as you are sensible it should be OK.

    I have taken learners (experienced) down that way before
  12. BluelionBluelion - apologies we have been slack here today. Nobody has given you the excellent tip of watching "twist of the wrist" on you tube (and no it's not p0rn... ;) ) - check it out for some good basic techniques and skills .
  13. Welcome to the forum. The roads u ride are my regular stomping ground i live in cockatoo so rife through here all the the. We have a small group thats got a thread for rides called berwick cruiser we will organise a ride soon we have all skill levels with us most of us were learners not long ago.
  14. Welcome to netrider BluelionBluelion. You should head down to Saturday parctice. I highly recommend it.
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    Excellent, will give it a go soon as its possible. If you don't mind going into more detail where to turn from each highway, I would much appreciate it

    I watched it last night, excellent recommendation chillibutton, it gave me a new insight into stuff I've inadvertently dismissed as newbie confidence issues. Things like staying relaxed throughout the twisties and understanding turn in/turn out seem to be the biggest problems that were raised for me. Any tips on those?

    Thanks for the welcome Philzorz and appreciate you extending an invitation for a ride in the area. I live in the narre warren/hampton park area, but seeing as the only good roads seem to be up near where you live, that's where I've decided to learn/enjoy!

    I will keep an eye on the berwick cruiser thread. Do you guys do semi-regular rides?

    Thanks Kenny, I'll try to make it down soon as I can but looks like this saturday is out. How did you find practice? Did you feel more confident in traffic/twisties?