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Hello from The Redlands, Qld.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bug276, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. I imported a 1994 Monster 600 over 10 years ago and am finally back in country with time to work on it.
    So, with manual in hand and a lot of ambition, I'm gonna try and get this thing on the road. Bare in mind I have never heard this monster roar since having it.
    I currently have it partially stripped and working my way through the electrics.
    Fingers crossed it'll on the road by the end of the year (hopefully a lot sooner).
    I'm always happy to take advice and learn from others mistakes.
    Look forward to being part of the forums.

  2. Welcome bug, good luck with your Monster project. Once you have enough posts put up some photos of your progress in the Mods and Projects section.
  3. And I think you're in luck, as there's another Monster restoration project in there at the moment. Welcome.
  4. welcome mate:)
  5. Thanks for the welcome, I have a fellow monster restorer in the forums. I'll get some photo's up in the coming days. I hope I can offer others advice while I learn along the way.