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Hello from the outer south east of Melbourne :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by xntrek, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Greets all,

    After 17 something years on the road, and 14 years of gradual wearing down , err, I mean, convincing of the wife 8-[ ... am finally getting licensed for some standard two wheel fun (as opposed to two out of four wheel fun) :woot:.

    Learners is booked for the 17th with Ridetek and I've already splurged on Dainese boots, Dainese gloves and a BMW Sys 5 helmet ... planning on ordering a Tiger Angel Elements suit next week and hopefully a CB400 not too long after that.

    I'm out Berwick/Narre Warren/Cranbourne ways - so if any other newbies are looking for a weekend partner - hook me up :)


    The eccentric one.
  2. eccentric, eh? I'm sure you'll 'fit in' perfectly here

    Welcome to Netrider :LOL:.
  3. Welcome Aboard Oh eccentric one .. :p
    Congrats on getting your permission slip from the wife :LOL: I can relate to that, was 46 before I got mine. You aren't far from me ( hey neighbor ).

  4. Welcome to the boards, no eccentric riders out in the S.E. we are all normal you ask us :LOL:
  5. Welcome aboard.
    As far as newbie rides, I catch up with the Mornington Honda guys last Sunday each month at 8.30am for a blat. Pretty easy going and anyone welcome.
    Should tag along. Well organised and interesting mix of youn and older riders.


  6. Heya,

    Welcome from a newbie from Frankston South!

  7. PS. I am currently riding a Virago 250 but I am over the cruiser thing. I saw your post about the CB400 - I have 8 months left on a restricted license but I need to get off this thing. I'll have to look into the CB400!!

  8. I have to admit, I was looking into a cruiser at first ... but some of my biker mates warned me that I would have just that reaction!

    My Final "shortlist" of bikes came down to :

      [list:b03feb8312]ZEPHYR 550 (ZR550)
      ZR250 Balius
    • CB400F

    • FZR250

    In the end though, I ended up looking at the CB400F as the "forerunner" as it is a tad bigger than the CBR, more comfortable (for me), and a bit more torque-ee ... which is good for a large bloke :)

    I think if I cannot find a CB400 in my price range, I'd look at the ZR250or ZR550 as the next likely contender.
  9. Is it You I see some mornings travelling up Dandy-Frankston?

  10. Hey, thanks for sharing the short list. I think I am leaning toward a CB400 as well - I am about 194cms and 105 kgs so I need all muscle I can legally have (& afford). That's the issue though, I dont want to fork out $10k for a bike I will only have for another 8 months or so which if what you seem to have to pay for a CB400 anywhere I have found one for sale so far. One of the other netriders was just selling a Suzuki bandit 250 which looks OK too and the price of bikes from the 90's doesnt seem too steep - 3.5 to 5k.

    The ZR250 and 550 look good also, didn't know about them before so thanks for the tip :)

  11. VCM

    No it isnt me. I ride Morno to Rosebud most days.
    My username is my rego.

    Cheers Cameron
  12. Welcome :)

    Im in Pakenham myself so may hit you up for a ride one day :)

    I also did my course with the guys at ridetek (2 weeks ago) and must say they were fantastic.

    I left at the end of the day feeling confident to come straight heom and take my bike out for a ride :)

    Good luck :)