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Hello from the Icicle Capital

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Wrekitt, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hello Everybody,

    I have been looking around this forum for a while and riding for just over a year. Got dragged into riding by a mate of mine who has been doing it for years and I haven't looked back since.

    I mainly commute but there are some lovely twisties in and around Canberra to enjoy.

    I'm looking forward to actually joining in some of the discussions around here rather than being a passive observer.

  2. Welcome to NR mate. Lots of info on these forums and there are lots of people who are willing to share their knowledge.
  3. welcome :D

    is it snowing down there at the moment?

    it's true - some very nice roads nearby to you - love the older kawasaki's!
  4. The bike was the very first one I took for a test ride after getting my L's and after it all the newer ones I tried just didn't have the same feeling to them.

    It was also half the price of the others and with only 13,000 k's on it I thought it was a good deal.


  5. Ha Ha... It isn't snowing right now but I can't vouch for the next week at this stage. :roll:

    I fell in love with the bike the first time I rode it. (literally around the block once for the test ride before I put down the deposit) It hasn't let me down once so far but it does seem to have the same issues I have about wanting to go to work on cold winter mornings...

    I guess I will have to get some pics up soon to show just how good this bike still looks after 28 years.

  6. Yup..Pics please! and Welcome to NR.
  7. [​IMG]
    This is a photo from last year at it hasn't been cleaned in a while unless you count riding in the rain.