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Hello from the Hills District of Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DeeEva, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Hey everybody!

    My name is Dee, 26 years young and recently got my L's from Stay Upright in Rouse Hill. I recently purchased a CB125e as I wanted to build up my skill and felt as though I didn't need anything bigger etc for now as I will only be commuting locally and well under 90km/h (No highways for now haha).

    A little background, I had a ttr125lw and a genuine thumpstar 125 that I used to ride around the property. Missed the feeling of being on a bike so better late than never and decided to try out getting my license :)

    I live in the Hills District of Sydney and would love to meet some other riders, see a tonne of riders at the Mcgraths Hill Mcdonalds every weekend and was wondering if any of you are from here!

    My first love and passion is for cars so I'm usually out and about with friends in my A31 Cefiro or in my R31 Skyline Silhouette however not many of my friends ride bikes so I thought I would come by and say hello! Hope to meet some of you soon.

  2. Welcome :) I'm a city dweller but regularly make my way out to mcgraths hill, see you on the road some time
  3. Welcome :cool:

    If you can get yourself down to Homebush for the learner sessions on Saturdays, they generally do a run afterward from there to McGraths Hill and it's a good fun run for the leaners.
  4. Hi D and welcome :)
  5. Welcome Dee - good on you for getting on a bike while all your mates are in four wheels. Stick with it, go to Homebush, have fun - you wont regret it
  6. welcome aboard :) plenty to be found at nutrider :)
  7. Welcome! is your r31 a GTS?
  8. Welcome to NR..
  9. Welcome to the forum.

    Watch the section on ride events - we often meet at McD McGraths as a starting point .
  10. Welcome petrol head. You're finished now, you do realize? Soon the 125 will be way too small and slow, the nissans way too cumbersome and slow, and you find yourself wandering round bike stores in a dream state looking for that new baby to feed your addiction. Like, for e.g. A ZX10, CBR1000, or something euro like a Duc panigale or an older 1098. Etc.

  11. welcome to NR DeeEvaDeeEva
    the 'after ride' from the Homebush Saturday learner sessions usually turn up there around 4/5
  12. What no Z1000? :woot:
    Welcome Dee. There are a lovely bunch who frequent that area who you must go riding with sometime.
    I am an ex-Hills gal. And an out and proud Z1000 owner
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    Sorry OldmaidOldmaid , just got biatch slapped by a pair of ZX10's at PI yesterday, very quick they were, so those were top of mind lol.
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  14. This. So much!

    The rumbles of envy of those users with Duke Panigales as their avatars... gosh.

    Welcome to the forums :)
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  15. Nothing a good dose of MV won't fix......
  16. You know, I'd never really looked at MVs before... the F4 looks nice but I dunno about that cyclops eye headlight...
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  17. I think the f3 675 is their nicest looking bike, I love the white colour scheme (there's more grey on the 800 but the 675 has this red and white thing going on that i think is so sexy) and the exhaust is just a thing of beauty. I filtered up next to one the other day on the way back from clovelly beach and I turned my bike off at the red light so I could listen to this 675 in neutral. I think that 10 seconds stopped at the front of the queue has convinced me to own an MV one day...
  18. Welcome Dee, I am in the Hills also, may see you around sometime.
  19. Such an overdue reply but just wanted to say thank you for the kind words everybody. If you ever see a blue Cb125e with an L plate around the Hills District don't forget to wave :singing:

    No it's a Silhouette. The GTS is nice though:D

    This is very true...! I see this turning into an addiction very soon, the feeling is completely different to driving a car and I'm loving it... However, I'm not a huge fan of the supersports type of lean/posture.
    Perhaps my mind will change with more experience, I really love the relaxed/upright posture so far :)
  20. You'd probably love those Ducati street bikes then!