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Hello from the Bass Coast, Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MARLZ13, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. G'day everyone,
    Another newby...I don't get my roady for about 2-3 weeks, but have done a fair bit of trail bike riding over the last few years...will be very green, but am looking forward to riding with you guys & gals once I master my black top skills..any survival tips much appreciated :cool:

  2. Welcome Schevy, Gippsland on your doorstep you are spoiled for road choice. ;)
  3. Thanks Chris, yeh I plan to ride to the Island & the areas in between a few times with some buddies to get my skills up :unsure: & all the back lots that are hidden in the Bass Valley...a lot of nice scenery out this way, but nothing for a dirt bike......hence.....
    Cheers SCHEVY (marls)
  4. Welcome SCHEVY, good to see another member from Bass Coast on here.
  5. Thanks Brusa, ha ha yeh the place to be :p ..my new toy will be coming from Wonthaggi, so my maiden voyage will be from there...m
  6. Welcome from another Bass Coast resident. :)
  7. Welcome Shevy :)
  8. Oops, sorry. Shevy!
  9. Fricken auto correct...... Schevy!
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  10. Hi Caz #2
    Thanks for the welcome :) & hopefully we'll meet you on a ride soon.....Well hubby & I picked up our new bikes last week, bought our ride gear on Sunday, now just have to wait for the right weekend day to attempt to ride the beasts ;)
    Criteria is no rain & no high winds..is that a tall ask out our way?? ha ha
  11. Hi Amazone,
    Ha ha ha... you're funny :) What a classic...
    Thanks heaps for the welcome; am looking forward to this road ride thingy...a different state of mind to the dirt biking I am guessing big time ;).... Just waiting for the perfect day (or storm)?? for the maiden voyage out into there them hills....
  12. Welcome Schevy,

    You got some nice little roads out the back of Kongwak and Jumbunna. I grew up in South Gippy (mum still lives in Wonnie) and never really discovered what good roads there are around there for bikes until I got out of the cage. It's a great run from Korumburra up to Warragul if you have some time on your hands...
  13. Thanks for the welcome Razorcat. Yep plan to do a lot of exploring around here...just being on a bike anytime, anywhere is a good time :cool: ...fingers crossed the weather is good for Sunday :cautious: . I'll keep the Warragul run in mind when I become more adventurous; it's a great road....m
  14. Introducing "Angus"...Love him to bits & oh so easy to live with :cool:



  15. Welcome to NR(y) Oh by the way ALL motorcycles are female just like ships!
  16. ha ha, thanks for the welcome loubre...female??? ooohhhh not this little black duck ;) ..definitely looks like an Angus...cheers m
  17. Hi and welcome.

    I had an Er as my first bike, it was great nice and easy to ride and wouldn't get you into too much trouble.

    Cheers Jeremy
  18. Hi Jeremy,
    Thanks for the welcome & it's good to know I've chosen the right bike for the first one...what's that saying about "great minds think alike???" ha ha
    By the way, if that is your current steed in your Avatar pic...very nice :)
    Cheers m
  19. Hi Schevy, thanks that is my new bike - Aprilia Shiver 750, only had her for 3 weeks so very much still in the learning curve and run in period.
    Just realised you have the full power version I had the LAMS version so not as much power etc but it was a great bike for the 17 months I had it.
    Enjoy Angus and riding him on the road.
    Cheers Jeremy