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Hello from the 2-wheel noob!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Shinanigans, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    New to the site and directed here by my mate who's also new. We both decided one day to get a pair of bikes and go cruising so we're both almost there :grin:

    I go for my L's on the 11/12th of this month and am looking at a near-new GS500F on monday. Already got my helmet (Shoei TZ-R Lance) ready for the test and am getting the rest of the gear next week in time for our first weekend cruise. Excited :cool:

    Looking forward to going on some crusies with the local NSW folk.

    All the best,

    (p.s, i know my nickname is spelt wrong, it's so old that i just can't bare to change it now heh)
  2. Welcome. The more shenanigans around here, the better.
  3. .... even if you can't BARE to change it :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider, and to your mate too!
  4. Welcome aboard, hope to see you and your mate on a ride soon.
  5. Shinanigans from internode gn?!
  6. Indeed :) Small world, this internets!
  7. Indeed! Welcome to the club!
  8. Welcome to NR !!!
    ..and Good luck with getting your "L's
  9. Welcome Adam. Best of luck with the L's and GS :wink: .
  10. :grin: I'm already here, Shinny was the slow one! :LOL:
    Glad to see you finally made it Adam :wink:

    Small world alright, managed to accidently catch up with a Netrider on Sunday :p

    So did ya buy the GS? Have ya made up your mind about it?
  11. Yeah mate, gunna dial it up tomorrow :)

    Looking on bikesales and tradingpost there's nothing that is as new, with as low k's, for as low price. Maybe the odd 2004 with 10k's for $6500, but that's no fun :LOL:

    Will post piccies tomorrow hopefully if it's in my garage :cool:
  12. Apparently i need 5 posts before i can put pics up :eek:
  13. How bout now?

    ... hmm nope! :(
  14. Here we go!


    If you see this bike on a netrider noob cruise, IT'SA ME!!! :LOL:
  15. Looks good mate.

    I get to see it in the flesh on Saturday :p Maybe even Friday :grin:
  16. welcome guys. I'm in sydney too. Happy to go for a ride anytime, just send me a PM.

  17. Cool, Probably hit u up on that one :grin:

    Good Luck Tomorrow and Friday Shinny :grin:
  18. Thanks mate! :grin:

    Looking forward to a few Netrider cruises, you should come along too Zane \:D/