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Hello, from Tennessee (USA)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by USMC, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Hello Folks, :biker:
    I found this place by following a link from M109riders forum.
    It had good info - so I registered.
    I hope all is well in the land down under.:beer:
    God's Blessings on Bikers,

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  2. You see people, this is what happens when you don't keep your useful ideas in airtight containers. It attracts Americans :p

    Welcome aboard USMC :).
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  3. Hullo USMC!
    How long before someone asks the Welcome question?
  4. Yo - Usmc - are you hot and can we see a picture ?

    And welcome.
  5. Sorry was watching old episodes of s.w.a.t ...
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  6. USMC you get to see wonderful countries, roam the world and kill its inhabitants!!!!
    Welcome to netrider madness. ;)
  7. Um, you're not allowed to ask and he's not allowed to tell!

    Welcome Jughead...
  8. Yo, sup and welcome to what we laughling call a good forum!
    Theres bikes too apparently.

  9. Welcome to NR. (y)

    If you got Tennessee (which can be a bit hard to pronounce) in the US we've got some strangely named places as well. I.e. Woolloomooloo, Wagga Wagga, Narrandera, Goonoo Goonoo, Pimpinbudgie etc.

    Anyways - tell us a bit more about yourself. What bikes have you had? Why do you like them? etc etc.
  10. don't tell him about our drop bears
  11. For our new US friend.

    House for sale real cheap, about 100,000 SQ Ft, white tiled exterior, walls like sales, good sized concert halls for family singalongs, absolute harbour views.

    $50,000, Paypal accepted.

    Accompanying bridge connecting CBD to North Sydney also available for an extra $20K.
  12. Hi USMC, I've been to Tennessee, what part are you in?
  13. He's probably sound asleep seeing it's about 2:30 am, or partying.
  14. So when do we start with the redneck jokes?
    (though Tennessee does almost make it too easy). :LOL:
  15. Are they Peter Slippers kids, look a bit like him.
  16. poor bloke has been roundly dissed all because he comes from Tennessee.
    They do make good bourbon though.
  17. That's only because we haven't had any new Tasmanians to make fun of for a while.
    Or New Zealanders either for that matter.
  18. At least he had the decency to write (USA) after his state. I hate the seppos that write, 'i'm from Ohio' or 'i'm from DC'. Not every chump in the world knows every state and capital city in the once might US of A.

    OOh Rahh. This is my rifle.
  19. Usmc? Marine Corp? Uniform?

    Oh c'mon! Pics!

    Welcome :)
  20. I think you've scared him away, lads.