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Hello from Tassie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Yellow Meanie, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Hello Netriders!

    My name is Dave, I live in Launceston and I have just bought another motorcycle. I've had a couple of years off, but after moving to Tassie with all these awesome roads, I thought it would just be plain rude not to get riding again.

    So after a flight up to Brisbane and parting with some hard earned cash, I picked up a 2000 Monster 900Sie! I then proceeded on a week long "shake down" ride back to Tassie.

    The ride was great, the Monster performed flawlessly and weather was pretty good too.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward getting to know everyone, and also learning from all the valuable info on this site.

    PS - where's should I post some pics of the "Yellow Meanie"?
  2. Welcome Aboard Dave !
    You could post your new bike pics here mate:
    General Discussion
    For everything that's not covered by the other forums, but STILL BIKE RELATED
  3. Thanks VCM, I'm headed out to St Helens today. I'll try and get them up tonight.
  4. I would have thought that the garage would be the place to add photos :p

    Or even multimedia?

    Tassie ey?

    St. Helen's you say?


    17th of Jan can't come quick enough.

    Will you join us on a ride for the week that we are there?

    We will be passing through Launceston at around 10am on the 17th ;)
  5. Vic, you forgot to ask him if he has a Sister.
  6. .. I could say something here, but I'm not wanting to offend a fellow rider.
    Even if he is from Tassie :p
  7. Tasmanian's don't share their sisters!
  8. Sorry vic, I'll be at work then, won't be home until about the 30th. If you're still on the island then, I'll come for a ride for sure!

    Just got back from St. Helens now - possibly the best road ever! :cool:

    And no I don't have a sister, I'm a still a Queenslander anyway, I've only been here since January :wink:
  9. Nah, we're in on the 18th and out on the 24th.

    St. Helens? have you ridden Lake Leake road?

    I think Jafu was waking up at 3am and heading on down there and riding it till the sun ran out of batteries :p
  10. Welcome aboard Meanie :wink: .

    Nothing like a long ride to get to know the beast......er......Monster :cool: .
  11. Lake Leake Road?
    Can't say I have, might have to check it out.

    How many Netriders are from Tassie? I saw a few other bikes out East today, and I had a chat at the lights to another Monster rider, but didn't catch where he was from.
  12. G'day Yellow Meanie,
    Welcome to netrider.
    Another Launceston Netrider here. (Not a tas native though, just an immigrant from the mainland)
    Lots of bikes and bike shops in lonnie. And a lot more bikes seem to magically appear come summer time.
    If you see a blue ZZR600 around Launnie that would be probably be me. I havnt found a twin for my bike locally yet.
  13. Welcome aboard!!

    I am sooo jealous of you and the roads.

    Wish I was coming on the Tassie Ride Vic. Any spots left? Oh hum.

    Next time,,,, next time
    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
    Have fun Meanie

    Cam :grin: :grin: :grin:
  14. Hey welcome Dave

    your more of a Tasmanian then me, i have only been here since April :LOL:
    and originally I am a Qlder too

    coming down for the toyrun tomorrow??

  15. I'd love to Tracey, but unfortunately I'm going back to work tomorrow.
    Won't be home until end of January, that'll be almost 2 months without a ride :cry:

    I hope the weather clears up for you tomorrow :grin:
  16. :cry:

    well I am not riding in it this year
    might go down for a sticky though

  17. There are a few of us who meet up each week at Joes Garage in Hobart.( Though I have not been seen much lately!)

    Glad you are enjoying your monster, and the roads down here are fun. I hope you don't mind the cold tho'!!

  18. Joe's Garage? I might have to drop in and say hello then!