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Hello from Sydney :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Prez, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Hello.

    I've been hanging around here for a month or so without posting, just looking for as much information on bike riding as I could find.

    Well, I'm almost ready to tackle the road, I completed a pre-learner course this weekend and will be looking for a bike to buy. (probably a beaten up naked 250 after my experience with the course)

    I gotta say I had a hell of a time at the course. First day went ok, but come the second day, it seems I left my brain behind. I dropped the bike twice, couldn't seem to release the clutch lever gently the first time and after 5min of trying, with my group riding in circles around me, I lost balance and dropped the thing.

    The second time round was a lesson in looking where you are supposed to be going. I went to indicate, looked straight at the indicator while turning, fell straight to ground.

    I was getting a little worried that I might not pass, but after calming a bit and relaxing my arms, I managed to get through without anymore mishaps.

    Oh and after a 10min break during the course, I went back to my bike to find a massive huntsman sitting on my seat. Now if that thing jumped on to my while I was riding, :shock: I would have been F@#ked.

    Well, that's my riding experience so far, here's to good times ahead.
  2. Well here's hoping that's the drops all over with :wink:

    Why you limiting yourself to a 250? Pass the P's on their bike, and seeing as you're 30, get anything you want
  3. pfft, i'd have yelled at it, and punched its head in.

    welcome :cool:
  4. Welcome to netrider Prez!

    I'm sorry to inform netrider but I work with this guy. :p He got his gear before his pre-learners:


    Isn't he sexy in that leather?!
  5. hah hah, great yarn, I'm glad I got my license in the days of 'do a U-Turn in front of the Police Station, sonny'.

    Yeah, but like Alex said, you don't have to limit yourself to a 250.

    So, nickt, are you to blame for all of this :LOL:???
  6. Woah, supermotos are getting thinner and lighter than ever! :LOL:

    Welcome to NR, Prez.
  7. He's making his own bike decisions, He wants a lower powered bike to learn on (especially after his dropping at the L's course) then he'll upgrade later in the year/early next year.

    A safe choice I think.

    If it was up to me everyone would have cbr125's :p~
  8. Sounds like you'll have the "Best improved award" when you're through all that.

    Welcome aboard, and be safe out there :)
  9. Welcome.

    You'll get used to spiders if you keep your bike outside.. There was a massive huntsman living in my 250 for a while - it took pride in crawling up from under the tank, onto the dash at the exact right moment to make me wet myself.
  10. Arghh, thanks for posting that photo Nick, I think I'll go and hide in some corner now.

    Maybe Nick will let me ride his bike, so I can "accidentaly" drop it.

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. All the common sense that I've picked up over the last month or so came from this forum. While I would like to get on a jap super sport bike as soon as possible. I think I better do my time on the small bikes first. Plus I'll be commuting through pretty slow traffic anyway, so a small bike will serve me well there.

    (here's to roughing up all the spiders that decide to take a free ride without first asking) :mad:

  11. Welcome Prez, great that you know how important riding gear is.

    It's good fun learning with netriders.

    I'd be a bit wary myself too if I dropped a bike during my license training. Just take it easy, you'll get the hang of it.

    Have fun
  12. Oh oh oh I'm so glad I wasn't the only one that dropped the bike twice during the Ls! :grin: Glad you got through ok though, I dropped mine twice on the first day (was super nervous), but second went through very well.

    And indicators are a pain in the butt IMHO, but so important on the road :oops: Oh well, lessoned learned, I'm sure you'll be riding very well in no time at all :grin: As for the huntsman, I would have screamed like a girl if that happened to me. Kudos for not freaking out! :p
  13. Hi Prez, I'm about to do my pre learners course aswell. When I was on my L's (car) a huntsman crawled out of the air vent in my fathers car and made its way up to the steering wheel. Just a quick question. Have most people already purchased their riding gear for the pre learners course? I guess I need to start shopping pretty soon!
  14. Hey jp. You don't need to purchase riding gear for pre-learner course, in fact, I was the only one who had done so.
  15. Hi Prez,

    I am also going to be doing the prelearner's course in about a month - I was just wondering what types of bike you were looking at getting for your first?

    Also, which training centre did you go to for your pre-learners?
  16. Hey onetonnesam,

    I did my pre-learners at the st.Ives training centre.

    I just got a bike last weekend. A 95 model suzuki gsf250 bandit. the other options I was considering were the zeal, hornet and balius. The vtr250 would have been nice, but it was a little to dear.