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Hello From Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BRD007, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Hi I live in Sydney and im 19 yrs old. I have passed my learners twice but still haven't got a bike.:p Can't wait to purchase one and go cruising in and around Sydney.

    Hope to meet up with fellow NR Members when i do purchase a bike but until then the only thing ill be cruising through is the NR forum. :)
  2. Welcome mate,

    Hope you get that bike soon!
  3. welcome to netrider, good luck with finding a ride...

    wanna buy a 05 gs500f? :LOL:
  4. Bond, is it? James Bond? Of course, welcome to Netrider :LOL:.
  5. Welcome mate, what kind of bike have you got in mind?
  6. I'm going for the cruisers, im stuck between two models, the Yamaha Virago or the Suzuki Intruder. A Dealer told me that the Yamaha Virago was a girls bike and that the Suzuki Intruder is a much more faster bike, Is this true?
  7. most 250cc are girlie bikes :?
  8. I need to start of small cause its the first bike im getting and also it needs to be LAM aprroved.

  9. Nope, it's horse shit, a 250 cruiser is a 250 cruiser, I'd put Caz V1 on her virago up against anybody on an intruder. personaly i dont think you can go past the Virago, reliable, well priced, nice and easy to ride and theres no such thing as a "chicks bike" the dealer is a tosser find another one.
  10. Welcome Brd, you could look at mid size bikes because you are lucky enough to have lams in your state :? :cool:
  11. Welcome to NR BRD007

    go the Virago i say :wink: [/img]
  12. Hi there and welcome.
  13. welcome to netrider! :grin:
  14. Welcome BRD007.
    Sounds like you're making it a bigger decision than it needs to be. If you feel like you'll be comfortable on it and you'd be proud enough of it - get it! Can't have you wasting more time when you could be out there playing.