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Hello from Sydney!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by MatT07, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. Hey there, NetRiders!

    So as my first post, I'll be introducing myself and asking a stupid question.

    My name is Matt, I've recently purchased and collected a new MT07 from the guys at Trooper Lus Garage! Its my first bike (and will show later on) so I'm pretty chuffed with myself. I'm looking forward to learning more about everything and getting to know some of you all through whatever it is that comes up.

    Anyways, onto my question. As an A-Typical jackass, I've already managed my first accident on the MT07, very low speed, some kid just pulled out in front of me, I freaked and smashed on the front brakes, tossing myself over the handlebars, and the bike doing a little jump head to toe before (maybe, I'm not totally sure how it landed or how I even managed to pick it up without any help) maybe landing on its front wheels and falling to its left.

    Damage isnt too bad, brakes lights broken, left foot peg snapped off, handlebars bent, and instrument panel cracked, all in all, what I believe to be light damage. But like i said, i'm new to this so maybe I have no idea... either way, my question is a general insurance question. Should I bother fixing that stuff up via insurance, or will it turn out cheaper in the long run to just pay upfront for it?

    Any other stories similar to mine would also be great to hear so I dont feel like such a dummy for what happened (literally only owned the bike for 4 hours before this happened... ugh!!)

    Thanks ya'll and I look forward to contributing any and all that I can!
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  2. welcome aboard :] nice bike sorry to hear about the accident. As for getting it fixed via insurance or not I guess that will come down to who's at fault, and wether or not you feel that cost of repairs is something you're happy to wear.
  3. From other MT07 owners I know, they tell
    Me parts are relatively cheap so it may not cost much more than your noob excess (possibly even less if you have age excess etc as well) to repair.
    By repairing it yourself, you will save the insurance mark that stays with you for 5 years and affects future premiums.

    Would be terribly disappointing trashing your brand new bike the day you got it.
  4. Welcome to NR.

    Agree with TWEET - take stock of what needs fixing, and it could very well be cheaper outright to do it yourself, let alone when you consider your premiums down the track.

    Never properly crashed a new bike but I remember the day we picked up the Aprilia RS250 that my cousin and I had gone halves in. I got to ride it back to my place so I parked it and let him get acquainted. About 10mins later I'm out front having a chat with my brother when my cousin pulls up and rests it on the sidestand ... which he'd forgotten to flick out. The bike was on the gutter before we could run to him.

    Thankfully, it was just a few scratches on the fairing and it was a used bike anyway. Actually, the fact that it was already scuffed meant that we weren't too upset when he had a proper incident not long after that.
  5. Hi and welcome. Bummer about your bike
  6. Btw ... I like the way you integrated your bike into your username MatT07MatT07 - seamless.
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  7. Haha thanks for the kind words, guys. Theres a fair few things that I could fix myself, but also a bit that I know will just be hell to go through, I'm getting the mechanic to give me a run down on what its going to cost and then I'll decide from there. I just have to wait and see what the verdict is and go from there... talk about bad luck though!
  8. Hey Mat, welcome mate. Got my MT09 from trooper Lu's, great guys there!
    Good luck with fixing the bike. Sounds like you could fix her up pretty easily.
    Don't feel too bad about crashing your bike early on, plenty have done it! just be glad it wasn't more serious and learn from your mistake, ie. Practice practice practice those emergency stops or evasive manoeuvres.
    I dropped my first bike on some slippery concrete when I was washing it for the first time. Rookie error!
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  9. Welcome to the forum, good luck with your bike repairs.. Nothing a bit of duct tape can't fix! :)