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Hello from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by RidingPete, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Greetings fellow riders :)
    I'm Pete, both my wife and I ride. We got our licences at age 30.
    We've been riding for 13 years which makes me around 21:p
    Between us we've had a Yamaha Zeal, VTR Firestorm, CBR600, R6 an SV650S and SV1000. I'm a big fan of V twins, although the jap 4s were brilliant as well.
    We've done plenty of touring around NSW and also a trip across Australia to Perth
    I'm also a car nut and I have to basically modify everything I own.
    Spent most of last year without a bike due to work commitments, but was looking on and off. Finally a week before Christmas my wife says to me " grab your bike gear we're going for a drive"
    Ended up test riding a few bikes and bought a Ducati 749. Its red and has Termi pipes.

    I just ordered a rear seat cowl ( see, can't help myself).

    There's probably more comfortable bikes out there, but I've always wanted one. Its an awsome experience.

    Happy riding :riding:

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  2. G'day Pete, welcome aboard, better latte then never :)
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  3. I wish I'd said that :ROFLMAO:

  4. 749, eh? - A beautiful bike! Just make sure you keep those desmodromic valves maintained.
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys, will definitely keep on top of the maintainence.
  6. Lo Bloke
  7. Welcome Pete.
    Does the modifying of everything you own extend to your wife?
  8. Lol, I don't own my wife, she can go anytime she wants :p
  9. Welcome Pete!

    Nice collection you got going on there :)
  10. welcome,i love a modifier