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Hello from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Little Biker, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone
    My names Chris and I am currently on my L's riding around eastern suburbs of Sydney looking forward into getting my P's done and gaining some experience, meeting new riders and most of all having fun :biker: I ride a 2010 SE green Ninja 250r and yeah that's pretty much me


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  2. Welcome mate, awesome looking bike. I hope you have lots of fun with it.
  3. Howdy Chris. Welcome to NR :). I like the Ninjas. Enjoy :).
  4. Hey Chris, welcome. Like the bike - great to see another Kawasaki :)

  5. Welcome! Where abouts in east Sydney are you from? I'm a learner too and if I'm close by maybe we can meet up for some learner rides.
  6. Welcome to you and your green machine
  7. Welcome in mate, have you heard about the Homebush learner sessions?
  8. G'day mate


    Fun Ha!
  9. Welcome :)

    Invest in some boots and proper bike jeans or pants! Saves your feets and legses
  10. double post - delete
  11. Welcome Chris, nice bike! bad shoes ;) Ride safe..
  12. G'day Chris, nice to have you along.
  13. Im from Woollahra, yeah definitely could catch up on some learner rides, although the weather is really annoying atm and i got all soaked :( where about are you from ?

    Yes I have, someone told me about them on a Tuesday night coffee meet at Duke's and I could drop in on one of those practice sessions if it's fine with everyone and the weather is good.

    yeah I already got better boots for the purpose of riding, gonna look into getting some jeans soon as well :)

    thanks everyone for the welcomes !
  14. oh.. i'm not quite that east. i'm in kingsgrove, a good 30 minutes on the m5. but i guess i might see you this sat at homebush :)
  15. Enjoy the minga!!!

  16. I hear that's nice bike. Welcome to the forummm.