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Hello from sunny melb!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mahjer, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    Total newcomer to motorcycles thinking about getting rid of the second family car (that is on its last legs) and moving to two wheels.

    Wil probably have a few dumb questions along the way as i feel my way around...

    Bout to get my learner's... haven't ridden as an adult (done some pretty frequent pillioning though) but did ride dirt bikes when i was a kid and am a regular bicycle commuter... so I have at least a reasonable sense of balance.

    (In case anyone is wondering my avatar pic is from a very cool vintage flying manual i own - is from a section describing the 4 stroke engine cycle).

    Safe travels to you all!

  2. Welcome mahjer, What side of Melbourne are you on? Come down to Saturday morning practice you can talk to a lot of other L platers and check out different LAMS rated bikes. Any idea on what you are after?
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  3. Welcome to Nutrider!

    I second the notion of going to the Saturday practice session. You'll learn quite a bit, and you'll meet plenty of likeminded people. :)
  4. I second the seconding of the notion :p

    Haha, nah but seriously, welcome! :)
  5. Welcome to the asylum!
  6. Well hello everyone.. and thanks for the warm welcome!

    I'll most definitely come down one of these saturdays ... thanks for the advice... am on daddy day care for the next couple of weekends when the wife works nite shift but should be down in late nov / early december

    To answer your question Chris, no, not really sure... will have to wait to sit on a few bikes and see how they fit me... I'm 6 foot, 83 kgs and 42 so want something that is comfortable and not too bent over...

    Bikes of interest at the moment (via that great resource library the world wide inter web) is a KLR650 or similar styled bike... I like the idea of being upright, visible, able to carry stuff and the option of taking it on dirt...

    those honda cb400's are nice pieces of kit too!

    Thanks again for the warm welcome..

  7. Four stroke - depicting the "bang" in the "suck, squeeze, bang, blow" cycle.....