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Hello from SE Qld

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sLowBrian, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone. I'm a newly licensed old rider. Had a small bike a loooong time ago, and only now all these years later can afford my dream. (Well.... the BANK can afford my dream anyway! :p )
    Completed the Q-Ride course just before Xmas, and picked up my ride on Xmas Eve... new Shadow 750 cruiser. Very nice bike, I am very happy with it so far! Waiting on some accessories to arrive... sissy bar and back rest, saddle bags and crash bars.
    Great forum with some great advice and tips learned already...... I'm gonna love being a part of it!


  2. Welcome!!

    Thanks for poppin your head in the NR world. Lots of good gear here.

    See if there is some rides or coffee events near you and come along.


  3. Welcome!!!

    Another Qlder - we'll outnumber the mexicans soon!!

    Ride Safe :)
  4. Welcome to party, mate! Great to see another local on board. Where abouts in "SE Qld" are you?

    There's a group ride and coffee meet next Sunday (13th) if you're interested. Check out the thread here. The latest ride discussion starts on Page 2. Would be a great way to meet a number of us quick! :grin:
  5. Hey everyone! Thanks for the welcome! :grin:

    I'm down on the Gold Coast..... and really still re-learning to ride! And the weather hasn't been kind enough for me to venture out much yet.... so I might pass on the coffee club run.... :(

    It might be a little while before I get up to coming on a run. But thank you for the invite! Once I get a bit of experience, I'll be there!


  6. Kooler2 and Flying is for Planes are both on the GC. I'm sure either of them would be happy to go for some gentle rides with you to get you back into the rhythm of riding. Flying's only been riding for a few months himself, but already has TWO bikes!

    Our groups rides are fine for riders of all experience levels. The faster riders will always get out front and the slower ones are welcome to bring up the rear. We always have a Tail End Charlie (TEC - an experienced rider) who keeps an eye on the slow riders. Don't feel that you'd be out of your league on any of our rides. Your pace is the safest one for you to ride and we're happy for you to do just that. You'll never get pushed out of your comfort zone.

    The weather has been "interesting", hey?! :shock: Beaudesert was an island the other night and the Mt Lindsay highway was still cut yesterday, just north of Jimboomba. We've been getting scuds come over for the last 24 hours, too, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's still cut. We're north of Beauy and south of Jimboomba, but we've still got one road we could get out on if we had to. Our house is on a hill anyway, so I don't think we'll ever get flooded. :grin:
  7. Thanks for that cookeetree.... I like the idea of the coffee club rides, so as soon as i get up to speed I'll let you know.... sounds like a lot of fun.

    The weather has been VERY interesting..... the Hinze is overflowing at the moment.... a pity they can't pump it back up to Wivenhoe eh?? :idea:


  8. Welcome Brian I have a VN900 and it would be good to ride with another cruiser. I am in Arundel on the GC
  9. Just checked into this thread again Flying, thanks for the welcome. I'm not too far from you, so I'll keep you posted on my progress.


  10. hiya and welcome
  11. Welcome to another QLD'er :)