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Hello from SE Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ultram, May 11, 2011.

  1. Hi All, been lurking for a few weeks, finally got around to joining. I am an older rider returning after a very long break.

    Haven't ridden a road bike for *cough* 30 *cough* years or so. In fact I let my license lapse so I am back on my L's. My son decided to book in for his L's and happened to book me in too, so here I am back on a bike. I am really enjoying riding with my son and we look forward to joining some of the NR rides.

    So if you see an old fella and a young buck riding around Melbourne with our L's, then one of them is probably me....:p
  2. It's never to late to start, or re-start (y).

    Welcome to Netrider (and back to two wheels)

    30 years ago, eh? what were you riding then?
  3. Thanks Paul

    Nothing flash, just a Honda CB350 twin, it was my daily commute while I was a poor struggling student. Old habits die hard, now riding a CB400
  4. Welcome on board ultram1, you've seen the light and that's all that matters. See you around some time.
  5. Thanks ResmeN

    I have read a lot of your posts and love what you have done with your bike.
  6. Thanks ultram1,

    Didn't really intend to do it up as much as I have but over the past 1,5 years of ownership this followed that and without realising the bike is transforming right before my eyes. Probably keep going with it as it's become like a hobby. I justify the expenditures to myself by saying I ride it rain/hail or shine so spoil myself and the bike.
  7. Good on you UltraM1 and welcome back - I'll keep an eye out for you guys :)

  8. welcome aboard, see you out there.
  9. Welcome to NR mate
  10. Welcome mate. You're in a similar situation to me a year or so back. Getting back on the bike was the best thing I ever did.
    Enjoy the ride.
  11. Welcome to NR, ultram1. I've just started riding after a few years as well. Picked up my first bike here in Australia but used to ride back in India every time I went back on holidays. After many years of being 'busy with life', finally got my L's and bought by bike on 21st April. :) And it has been a few awesome weeks.

    Were you and your son in Peter Stevens Ringwood a few days ago, by any chance? I was there looking at some riding gear as well and saw what looked like a father and son checking out some Kawasaki's.

    Anyways, Have fun and ride safe.
  12. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and words of encouragement. Its good to know there are others doing the same thing, I am sure a lot of my current friends think I am mad. Easy solution... find some new friends :p

    No Lazy Libran, not us, but we were there about 6 weeks ago.
  13. Mad? Maybe, but who's having more fun. You or your friends? No contest.
  14. Absolutely.....no contest !!!
  15. Belated hi and welcome to NR and welcome back to riding.