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Hello from SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Chrissy, May 20, 2012.

  1. Been looking at your forum for a couple of weeks now, my first experience with one. My other half, VladTepes to you, has 'encouraged' me to register so here I am.

    Q. What bike do you have?
    A. None

    Q. Do you have a licence?
    A. No

    Q. What the hell are you doing on this forum?
    A. ummmmm, trying to learn about bike stuff ?!?!?

    Q. Are you going to get your licence?
    A. Yes, although they closed the school near me and quadrupled the cost !

    Q. What sort of bike would you like?
    A. Not having a plethora of knowledge about bikes and having sat on only two whilst not a pillion, I'm tilting towards the CB400, white of course because it matches my new Shark helmet as you would have read in one of Vlad's missives

    Anyway, I have been thinking about getting my licence for much longer than I've known Vlad, just needed a little push....

    But I must admit I do enjoy being a pillion - sitting back, relaxing, daydreaming about winning lotto but it's time to move up to play with the big kids. Speaking of kids, one of my sons rides a KTM RC8R - he gets his love of adreneline rushes from me of course....

    It's time for church now

    well I do live in the city of churches don't I ??? :wink:

  2. Welcome. (y)

    That's a nice intro. :)

    And hope you get your bike stuff sorted out soon.
  3. (y) babe !

    Umm, I just realised every time I mention spending a dollar on my bikes you'll be able to see....


  4. Self PWNAGE!
  5. Accurate assessment of his dilemma dsyfer
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  6. Hi chrissy
    Maybe do the license now
    And p
  7. and p? What's p?
    Why would she need to p ? :)
  8. and pinch hubbys bike for practise
    - soz p was for pinch this forum isnt
    Iphone friendly and i messed up
  9. Yes I'll have to do so soon. I'm under instructions not to come back to Brissie until I have my L's - nothing like a bit of pressure...