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Hello from Romania

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Cristi Dragan, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Hello guys,

    MY name is Cristian and I am from Bucharest Romania. I drive a BMW K1200S, and I drive a lot.
    I check a little bit your forum and is very interesting.
    I drive a lot because I have a travel agency which organize motorcycle tours in Romania.

  2. Welcome Cristian, netrider is a good place to be, and its riding, not driving :)
  3. Welcome Christian
    If you want to advertise your touring business then look here although I don't know how many Netriders you would get touring Romania.
  4. I can recommend the country. Fantastic scenery and people. Crazy car drivers, though.
  5. One of the countries in my "to do" list of ex Byzantium Nations.
  7. :worthlesspics::worthlesspics::worthlesspics:
  8. +1

    Transylvania is beautiful. Sigh.. One of these days I'll get back to Europe for another look around.
  9. Hello,

    If you come in Romania you can contact me. We drink a beer together. I am from Bucharest.
    Today I go with few friends with bikes in mountain to make a tour.

    Have a nice weekend.

  10. No we can't actually.
    Can you please repost the correct link?
  11. Hello,
    It is a problem with the link. I do somethink wrong and I'm not sure what. I will attach the pictures.

    Attached Files:

  12. another pictures

    Attached Files:

  13. Sorry, 6 pictures is the maximum acceptable?
  14. thats some spectacular scenery, are all the roads as smooth and curvy as the little bit you showed there?
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    We have a nice country. We have mountain and see in the same place. The perfect road is Transfagarasan.

    You can check here:


    The film was produced by those of Top Gear.
  16. From my colleague:

    Imi plac pozele din Romania, dar pacat ca este locuita, ca tiganii strica reputatia ei !
  17. Noroc,
    Dupa cum vorbesti probabil esti roman. Nici mie nu imi plac tiganii, dar sunt aici. Fiecare tara are problemele ei cu cetatenii ei. Tiganii sunt peste tot in lumea asta
    Nu trebuie sa pui pe toata lumea in aceeasi oala. Nu trebuie sa amesteci lucrurile. Asta nu inseamana ca nu trebuie sa ma mandresc cu tara mea si sa nu impartasesc frumusetea ei si altora.

    As you are talking probably you are Roman. No I do not like Gypsies, but they are here. Each country has its problems with its citizens. Gypsies are all over this world.
    You should not put everyone in the same pot. We should not mix things.
    That does not mean I do not proud with my country and do not share its beauty with others.
  18. Hahaha,

    I asked my colleague to write something in Romanian and I have no idea what he wrote to you. Lolll.

    No I am not Roman. I don't think anyone else other than yourself would understand it anyway.

    It's good to be proud of your country and stay that way.
  19. Hey. welcome to NR.

    Thought those pics would be great to see but the link doesnt seem to take us to the pics .. just a general page. Please fix it .. I'd love to see your pics of Romania.