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Hello from Redcliffe QLD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by PeterK, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. Hi all,
    I have just aquired my rights to two wheels after a long stint from riding trail bikes. Looking at the KTM 390Duke or XT660R. Looking at some serious long distance riding one day. Any info appreciated on a good machine. Will be getting riding gear today and looking at some bikes. Brisbane Bike Show coming up so may wait till then to buy. I have read a lot of good info on this site. Better get movin...

  2. Welcome, Peter. Good luck wit the hunt. There's a lot to choose from which won't make your task any easier.
  3. Welcome to NR mate. Redcliffe is a nice place everything is close by, I used to work up there a few months ago.

    If you plan to take long rides I would recommend sports touring or adventure tourers as they are more upright and would be more comfortable for long trips unless your interested in cruisers which by your current choices I don't think you are.
  4. Hi Cormanus...Went shopping and bought a Shark helmet, leather gloves, boots and Alpine jacket. Thats enough for one day. Drove down to Virginia and looked at the KTM Duke250/390 virtually the same bike but ergos were not that good for me being 6ft tall. I had a look at the Honda CB500X. Very nice bike. This might b the ticket. Anyone have any known issues with the bike? Be interested to hear about this machine.
  5. Hi! I am from the other side of the highway and am also wondering what to get as a long trip bike... Eventually would love to adventure tour but still green and just playing on the drz for now while I make up mind.....
    Good luck!

  6. Hi Kellie...picked up a Yamaha XT660X for a good price. Pick it up tomorrow. Test run felt good. Its an adventure bike that seems to handle really well and for highway cruising with it gearing. Let you know after the weekend how it goes if you like. The bike is built for tall people as well. The seat sits high of the ground. Don't know how tall u r. Good luck in the bike chase.
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