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Hello from QLD!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kellieeclipse, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Hi! My name is Kellie and after years of watching riders go by in pure envy, I have decided to join them! Copped a lot of flak as a single mother on a bike but learnt to associate with those who 'get it' ! Lol. Go off my learners ( finally!!) next week and can't wait each weekend for the next ride- I shift between dirt and road.
    I have a drz 250 as a learners bike and really enjoy it. Also ride a cb400. Still deciding on what I want for a road bike....
    Always up for a ride somewhere on the weekends or during the week and keen to keep learning.
    Would love tips on the best way to learn the mechanics and basic care of my bike.....

  2. Hello and welcome. I'm also a newbie too. Hopefully can one day have a big cruise somewhere with other members.
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  3. Welcome Kellie.
  4. Welcome. Biting my tongue not asking the obvious next question!
  5. Go on- do it ... Ask the question...
  6. Welcome to Netrider, Kellie.

    On behalf of the boys, "are you hot?"

    Single mothers generally cop a lot of flak anyway, I've noticed. But good on you for ignoring the masses!
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  7. Bahahaha! I wasn't expecting that!! How do you answer that for yourself.... I am brunette, blue eyed, 5ft 8 and fit (crossfit and touch footy and horse rider) And love bikes! In my mid 30's. now I feel like I am on a dating site! I like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners... Naah. Just kidding. Let's ride!
  8. Oooh crossfit! I have wanted to do that for 3 months now, but terrified hahaha
  9. It's awesome!! Give it a go. It is a bit daunting at the start but stick with it and you will be hooked ;)
  10. Can anyone help me change my avatar pic. I can see where to do it but it just keeps defaulting back to the original pic
  11. Welcome to NR, I see no problem with a single mother getting a motorcycle license though I can see why you would get flak for it.

    Also your avatar is showing now, though you probably know that.
  12. O
    Obviously I see no problem with it either!! :). I know I have a pic but was trying to change it...
  13. Hi Kel.
    Welcome mate. Hope you enjoy it here.
    Would like to try crossfit to but as I spend half the month in a tiny town away from home for work, I haven't committed yet.
  14. Yeah I have the same problem and had to come up with an agreement. It isn't the cheapest sport :)
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  15. The price per month structure is what has stopped me actually.
    Might have to see if I can make a similar agreement as I can't see it being viable to pay so much for a month when I can probably only make 10 sessions maximum if I went to every available one while home.
    Now if I can pay for a certain amount of sessions for $X, then I would commit.
  16. There was a thread started recently about the avatar pictures not changing. You aren't the only one with that issue.

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  17. That's what I do now- pay per 10 sessions :)
  18. I couldn't see the thread- did anyone have an answer on how to fix it?
  19. It is under Site Discussion and Help. Can't link it at the moment as I'm on the phone.
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