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Hello from Perth

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by MacMan, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Hi my name is Craig and I am from Perth, I have had my licence for years but have never owned a bike before now. I picked up my 1st bike, a Hyosung GT250R ,on Friday and it is magic fun. Went for my first ride yesterday. Started out up and down the street and found it so easy to ride. I first had lessons back when I was a teenager and hadn't ridden in years and was a bit apprehensive at first. Then I went on a 30Km trip to folks and friends to show them all the bike and then rode home. Got up today and went for a short ride to the local shooping centre car park to practice my slow riding skills again but headed home soon after as rain was heading my way.

    I went for the Hyo because for my size (6') it best suited me, I found the other 250's too small and cramped my sitting position. It'll do me for a while until I get back up to full confidence then I will think about uprgading as I have always wanted a Duc. My wife is real keen on getting her licence now too.

    Cya on the road
  2. Welcome MacMan, Hey where in W.A. are you, I work and have worked for years up the n/west shelf, Any way enjoy NR, take it easy.

    Ride safe... :cool:
  3. G'day sprintst I live in Kenwick in Perth.
  4. welcome macman
    hyo's are top bike and i think excellent to learn on untill u get more confident and get ur bigger bike

    but for the mean time have fun
  5. thanks Troy, yeah the Hyo has been good so far (2 rides). for me it is for a fun time not a long time but try telling my wife that! lol

    have fun

  6. hi craig, welcome to NR.
    Loz is one of our local hyo experts, tap his knowledge and you will be off to a good start.....actually, dont :LOL:
    enjoy the forums mate :)
  7. greetings craig and friends

    i too have seen the potential in the hyosung road bikes on offer

    my names Roy and im from albany down south.

    the off road ridings great down this way, at least it was before they banned everyone from riding beaches etc, and im not going to spark that debate off again i just want to say HI

    we're moving to perth in the next 6 months so im hoping to eventually ride with some perthites lol that i meet here

    as soon as i sell my quad for a road going beast that is
  8. Welcome from the other side of the country.. :grin:
  9. thanks peeps :grin:
  10. Hey Macman & nfi_racing_driftquad, welcome to NR :grin:
  11. Hello and welcome macman.

  12. Welcome. Good choice of bike! :cool:
  13. hey craig :D

    i just left perth like a lil over a month ago :(
    i miss that place

    and i used to have a hyo EMY gt250r :D
    but i sold that too :p

    congrats on the new bike and back to riding :D
  14. thanks peeps

    I have been enjoying riding again and can't get enough of it.