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Hello from Perth

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by fooze, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone.

    I have a terrible secret to confide with you. It's my secret shame...

    I ride a postie bike. And I love it. I got it last week from the auctions, fresh from Australia Post duty (you can still read "POST" where the stickers used to be :D ) with 25k on the clock. Changed the oil, spark plug and cleaned out the air filter and she runs great! Cost me $1200 all up. Bargain!

    It goes alright around town. Keeps up with traffic up to about 75km/h then runs out of puff pretty quickly after that. I've heard of some that get up to 90 pretty easily though. It corners okay, better than a scooter because of the bigger wheels. Brakes are crap. Only one word to describe the feel of drums: wooden. It's got gears, which is a bonus. No clutch though, which takes some getting used to. I still go for the lever and grab nothing but air!

    I've got a question. I've heard people say things like "this bike's running too lean in the top end". Now, I know this means the engine is starved of fuel at high rpm, but how can you tell just by riding whether your mixture is rich or lean?

    Other bikes I've ridden regularly are a Yamaha RD 250 and an Aprilia SR50. The yammie is heaps of fun, nice change after learning on a CB. Mine however, desperately needs a rebuild so it doesn't see any action anymore. The Aprilia rocks. Handles like it's on rails and will do 80 clicks if you push it.
  2. Welcome to the forums!!
  3. ahhhh the RD-250, my first bike, memories, memories.......

    Welcome to the forums, fooze. You do know, of course, of the famous Postie Bike Challenge, for charity? http://www.postiebikechallenge.org/

    Anyway, enjoy the forum (and get that RD running again.....)
  4. welcome mate,
    i was in perth for the cricket.very crzy crowd
  5. Hi fooze,

    welcome and good to have another Perth rider on here. We are a minority but we are mighty.

    I also have a postie and i also got it from Pickles auctions. They are the best place to pick them up cheap hey. And i love the postie too. They just love to be thrashed don't they.

    As for the technical advice, i would just be talking out of my arse if i said anything cause i really dont have a clue, so i wont :grin:

    enjoy the forum mate.
  6. Tech Lesson 101 how to perform a plug chop.

    1/ find nice long road no side streets or cops.

    2/ put nice new shiny plug in gapped as per required

    3/ fire it up and riding along said road go through the gears like a bat out of hell and when in top gear hold full throttle open for approx 10 seconds.

    4/ Cut ignition normally pull in clutch ( Dammm its a postie ) and roll to stop

    5/ Whip out plug and read its colour ie Whitish lean Dark brown rich
    nice light brownish spot on the money.

    6/ Based on the above adjust main jet to suit performance mods (Wild Cam / Big bore kit ) etc etc :)
  7. The postie bike challenge looks like fun. Will have to do that someday.

    Duffman: Yay Perth! I see you're on PSB too :)

    Thanks Brucey, I'll find out if I can actually roll to a stop next time I take it out. Hang on, of course I can. Just need to hold down the gear lever (it activates the clutch). :) Don't think I'll bother with a cam or a big bore kit though, it really wants to be turboed ;)

    And thanks for the warm welcome!
  8. Turbo'ed....now your talking!

    Nice big turbo. Alloy wheels. Rear spoiler. lowered. fully sick stereo. Cant wait to see it :grin: :wink:
  9. Hi from Bunbury

    You two should get a real bike n X9-250 or an X9-500 :) :)
  10. Chippy, you only need a Maxi cause your so damn far away from civilisation!

    I rode an X9 250 round for 2 weeks about 2 months ago and i found it too bulky for the city. But they really do come into their own out on the highway (and i have no doubt the 500 would be even better). They are SOOOO comfy.
  11. Thats funny, I think they are the ducks nuts in the city when you compare a Burg 650 :)

  12. It's not a shame to enjoy your postie like. Deep down everyone wishes they have one too :)

  13. Yes it is... he just wants to ride around blowing a whistle :) :) :)
  14. :D

    Don't need one DrChip, just slap the indicators on and it goes BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!
  15. Welcome to the forums Fooze, it doesn't matter what you ride, as long as it only has 2 wheels :grin:
  16. So we've started discriminating against sidecar owners now have we :p :LOL:. Oh and welcome Fooze by the way.
  17. The only bike with a sidecar that I know usually only has 2 wheels on the ground anyway :p
  18. Welcome from another perth scootarian!

    Turbo? How about Nitrous! I have noticed that there are mounting points on the front of my 50cc bowell jolie, perfect for bolting a bottle to. Plumb the outlet into the airbox, should be good for half a kilowatt!
    I just got to borrow a cylinder or two from work with out anybody noticing and i'm away, literally!
  19. Audible, make sure you do it wet or you'll kill it!