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Hello From Penrith

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JeremyP, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I've been a lurker on the forum for a while and thought it was about time I made my first post. No bike for me yet but hoping to take the plunge early in the new year, probably with a Suzuki Intruder 250. So I'll spend the next couple of months researching all the gear I'll need, reading the forum and looking forward to getting on two wheels.
  2. G'day, why wait do it man.
  3. hey bud...welcome...i'll surely see you around once your up n running - there's a few people in/around the penrith area
  4. Hey Jeremy, welcome to the new and improved nut house - different walls, but still padded for your comfort (y)

    Enjoy your new ride when you get it :)
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  5. Indeedly, welcome to Netrider Mark IV.
  6. Welcome to NR, Jeremy!

    From another Sydney Westie
  7. Welcome bud. I'm also from penrith. Good to own a bike to get out of the shithole once in a while haha
  8. get out of the shithole?!?!?! there's glenmore park...epic mini racetrack ! - love taking the bike through there plus it seems like i'm being a good son/son-in-law visiting both sets of parents there...no...i just wanna go hooning along glenmore parkway between 60-90
  9. It's a shithole if you don't think so then you're more than likely delusional. But glenmore park isn't too bad for a quick 5 min blast. But that's about it.
  10. eh i grew up in mt druitt/penrith ...have lived in melbourne brisbane ...mildura..bathurst - yeah it's a shithole...with it's fair share of shit-heads that you would love to deck....but i'd still rather live around here than anywhere else (perhaps with the exception of the south coast like narooma) .....better the devil you know.
  11. That's fair enough but I can think of a lot more places then western Sydney to live. Sorry about the thread jack.
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  12. Western Sydney might be a shithole, but its our shithole :p............you guys are just jealous that we have got Eastern Creek.

    It takes this proud westie 10 minutes to be kicking back and relaxing and drinking a cold one...............after a tiring hot track day at the creek :p.

    We also have Bells line, Putty, and Wiseman to hoon around in :p..................rich yuppies can keep their beaches and inner city hustle. Im enjoying myself riding some top roads :p..........

    Oh, im taking Olympic park as part of the westie along with the new water park :p........hehheheheh
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  13. +1
    101% - I'm with you on this one AznCruiser!
  14. I moved to the Druitt on purpose and Im lovin it... At least here you know that what u see is what you get- no upstart richie riches

    +1 crisis, azn & bob!!
  15. Seems that there are a few riders out Penrith way who I can meet up with. The Penrith run sounds good - I'll try to get along when I'm mobile.
  16. If you're keen to meet some of us pre-bike-purchase there's a coffee night at Starbucks Mt Druitt next week (not sure what day at the moment @AznCruiser?) (y)
  17. Next week probably Thursday again............a few of the boys do Wed drags. Not sure if we have a ride up the mountain or not ATM, its up to the group I guess :). Springwood road can be a bit tricky at night.

    @JeremyP, your more than welcome to join, bike or no bike...........there should be a few helpful riders and a few interesting riders there :).
  18. Hi AnzCruiser and SydMadAss125,

    Meeting up would be good. I don't think I can do next week but if you are around again in a couple of weeks time it would be great to have a chat - give me a shout if you are about.
  19. Hehehehe I got nowhere to go :(...............apart from this weekend.

    Yeah dude when you get your bike hit us up......im usually out with different groups. Theres a group I go with on the weekends who are pretty cool and easy going group.