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Hello from Pakistan

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by SaadBJ, May 9, 2015.

  1. Hello ..every one Saad here from Pakistan biker and hiker . Same passion different place :)

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  2. welcome aboard
  3. Welcome. International guests are always welcome.
  4. G'day and welcome SaadBJ. Pakistan certainly has some beautiful places for hiking and biking!
  5. Welcome mate, what do you ride and what are the roads like? And how are bikers perceived by car drivers there?
  6. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  7. Thanks every one for the warm welcome.
    Yes Pakistan is a dream place for biking and hiking .. it got all a biker can dream of twisting road , lush green plains , KKH highway , and three of the worlds highest mountain ranges The Himalayas,hindukusch ,karakoram.

    Bro we ride all kinds of bikes but here in Pakistan we prefer small air-cooled bikes like GS150,XR250,XL250,GS125,CG125 for touring due to low maintenance properties of these bikes ..last week i did a tour from Lahore to batakundi.post some picture :p Bike is GS150

    Near Haripur gearing up after a swim :D

    Ready to go


    Near Shogran


    The Elmo :D




    Near Khagan


    Changing Airfuel Ratio for low oxygen zone


    9 km hiking from Naram to Frozen Lake[ Jheel Saif-ul-malook]


    Reached the lake its frozen at this moment but will melt in the end of next month


    Road closed due to a glacier near batakundi and was removed next day :D


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  8. dude you are a lucky man
  9. Thanks Uncle Greg :p
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  10. What fantastic photos (and mountain roads!), thanks for posting them.

    I've read about the Karakoram and KKH here and there, it looks awesome. Changing the fuel/air mix for altitude is an exotic idea here in Australia - the highest point is only 2,228 metres above sea level. Your last photo of the snow clearing is incredible, given the scale of the earthmoving equipment there.
  11. not snow mate that was a Glacier that had moved over the road
  12. Ta Uncle Greg, I just re-read the caption for it now. Immense power at work moving that mass across there.
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  13. yep and I bet they have to clear it often
  14. XJ6N i havet shown 1% of the adventures of Pakistan ...Pakistan is the haven for bikers .. In august we are going for a mega Tour of Pakistan,s North of like 25 to 30 days around 5000Km of mountainous roads.Google these location for an estimate of roads , location , scenery , mountains

    1- Chitral
    2- Gilgit
    3- Dir
    4 - Mingora
    5 -Nanga parbat Base camp
    6 - Skardu
    7 - Attabad Lake
    8- Shandur
    10-Khunjerab pass
    11- Deosai
    12 - Astore
    13 - Chilas
    14 - Neltar valley
    15- Gulmit
    16- Lake Saif Ul Malook
    17 - Concordia

    Google there place's and go MAD
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  15. Thank you for taking the time to post your tour destinations - I've just taken myself on a little Google Images tour of each of those places. The scenery is just on such a grand scale. I'm sure you'll have more stories and images to post after your August tour.
  16. Hello and welcome to NR SaadBJSaadBJ :) Spectacular photos, thank you for sharing. Hopefully we will see many more, your August trip itinerary looks amazing!
  17. Some Desert :D
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  18. You should post up a few of these in the roads and touring section.
    I love the pics
  19. You've brought back some very good memories for me. A long time ago I travelled through Pakistan, from Quetta to NWFP, to Chitral, Khunjerab, Kaghan and Baltistan. I left a little bit of my heart in all these places and more.
    Tell me, is the Babusar pass still as frightening? I remember also hiking to Saif ul Maluk lake but it was summer when I was there - not frozen.
    Pakistan people were very kind to me.
    I would love to hear more about your travels.
  20. We welcome any kind of tourist to Pakistan.But most of the people in the world think Pakistan is terrorist country.People of Pakistan are very cooperative.

    yes Babusar is still the same but we like it that way its challenging.will post more pics soon
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