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Hello from Ormeau, QLD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Deesko, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I've been reading the Netrider forums for a fair while now and thought it might be time to introduce myself.

    I am currently 6 months in on my RE licence and I am riding a Honda VT400 and live in the Ormeau area (just south of Beenleigh) in Queensland.

    I'm loving riding and get out as much as the boss will let me!



  2. welcome and enjoy your stay , may want to keep an eye on qld group rides every now and then, if that tickles ya fancy
  3. Hi Deesko, we are just up the road and around the corner from you in Brissy. Theres some nice rides down your way. Welcome to NR.
  4. Welcome Ben
  5. Hello from Glenorie, NSW :)

    Welcome to the forums Ben :D
  6. Thanks everyone!

    I have been riding a lot by myself just up through Tamborine and Brisbane way, so it would be great to get together on some of the group rides to see just how much I am doing wrong... hah!
  7. welcome in :)
  8. BOOOOO another southsider :cry:
    am i the ONLY northsider???

    anyway, welcome to the nutfactory!
  9. Hi Ben and welcome mate, Im also in Ormeau only posted 1st time last night got up for work this morning shed been ripped open and bike and gear stolen ,so make sure bike is well secured mate....Cheers Tezza
  10. Fucken hell! Sorry to hear that Tezza. Have you got cover?
  11. Welcome to NR, Ben. Looks like you got a mean boss. Have you thought of changing jobs? :D
  12. F**** HELL! whats wrong with these people? As kneedragon asked, I hope you had cover?
  13. Welcome,

    It's a bit flat and straight around there, so go find some fun roads somewhere else! We used to have an office there so I am fairly familiar with the layout.

  14. Hey Tezza,

    That's not very good to hear! Where abouts in Ormeau are you mate?

  15. Welcome to Netrider, lots to see and do here (y)
  16. Morning Kneedragon & Lazy bike not covered in contents insurance the other stuff should be,tried getting on to insure my ride on wednesday at work no luck online quotes only, :nopity:hows that for a kick in the ass.

    Hi Ben..Peachey Rd mate
  17. dude i'm with IMR too, their claim system is online initially, you fill out a form and they call you to get details.
    on the main screen, left hand side. button says make a claim