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Hello from Orange NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by robson_racing, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone. Went to the RTA 2 weeks ago to find out when i was eligible for my full license cause i new i must have been on the old Ps for nearly a year. Hey presto had been 1yr and 1 day so now im a fully licensed rider. YAY. Anyway ive been riding offroad bikes since i was kid. Sold the WR400f about a month ago and have made the switch to on road and now i can finally ride the old mans CBR600f. Looking for anyone in the area who would be interested in riding around Orange and surrounding areas. cheers

  2. Hello and welcome.

    Congrats on getting off your P's.
  3. Welcome aboard. What are the roads like out your way? I've driven Bathurst to Mudgee via Sofala before, which was a heap of fun and which I'd like to ride some time, but it's been an age since I was anywhere near Orange.
  4. the roads round here are usually pretty good. done a few local rides and havnt had any troubles with rough roads or anything like that. worst thing at the moment is not the roads but the weather. prety dam cold
  5. Welcome to NR :grin: