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Hello from old L plater.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MASO, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Hello i just got my L's again after not having them since 1990.I had an RD250LC 1982 i was a cool bike.Now i want to use a bike to go to work freeway and around 140k per day.
    I have not got a bike yet,i like GSX650F but on the list it is a GSX650FU what is the difference.

  2. Hey Maso.

    Welcome to NR. The GSX650F is not a LAMS bike so you cannot use it while you are on Ls or Ps. The FU is the LAMS version of the bike. Its power has been limited to meet the LAMS requirements but apart from that I believe it is the same bike.

  3. Ozyoda
    Im going to look at a gsx650fu today.
  4. Welcome back to the roads, and to Netrider.

    You'll notice a huge difference between the light, nippy RD and the porky LAMS Suzi 650 :LOL:
  5. welcome bud, kaj si more