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hello from noosa

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by razorz, May 24, 2007.

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    Think hello is there any body in there,thought i should introduce my self firstly i ride a honda CBR600F3 live in noosa QLD,they call me LONGY,been into bikes since i was 6yrs old in sydney I.M.B.T.C if anyone out there recognises the letters i would love to speak to you.Hopped off bikes for a few years got into surf lifesaving and got into jet skis,big waves and sholder injurys,50yrs young now still ride both but prefer the bike ,if anyone is up this way get in touch great rides just 5 minutes away,100's of km's little traffic,twisting hills ,pubs, cafe's,funnnnnnnnnn.

  2. Hello and welcome!

    No, I don't know what the letters are, but then again the Pooh is illiterate!
  3. i.m.b.t.c

    the letters are from a junior minicycle club in sydney that i was in if there is any old members out there i would love to hear from them or if any one knows if it is still going.
  4. Hey there - not part of the old motorcycle club - just thought i'd say welcome - and agree you live in a truly beautiful part of the world...

    My olds are in hervey bay - and love visiting them at this time of year - otherwise my dad likes to compare temperatures :LOL:
  5. hey there welcome to the forum to another south east qlder.....

    have fun
  6. Hi Brian

    I finally got a chance to spend time on a computer and say hi. That was a great ride we went on up the Obi Obi road, that hill...wished I did it a couple more times. Im in Coffs Harbour at the moment but get a chance to go to Brisbane and catch up with the Friday nigh coffee crew and let me know what they're like. :p

    Catch up with you when your in Melbourne for the GP.
  7. we're all good people.....

  8. Theres normaly always a ride at 8am Sundays from the bli Bli Caltex that heads all around the coast depending on what the guys feel like on the day. Great bunch so if you get some spare time drop in and say hi.
  9. oooo nother group to ride with!!!!!! and maybe i can practice my hill starts too :shock:

    but 8am on a sunday......long way from my place......
  10. Hey razor. I said hello in the other thread- but Hi again and welcome! :grin:
  11. Yep - I was a member from the start.

    What was your number?