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hello from newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by thedge, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. hi everybody,
    I have only recently gone back to motorcycling, after about 10years and i am enjoying it. I have only had japanese bikes in the past and decided to buy a trumph thunderbird 1600. A very nice bike.

  2. ANOTHER Novacastrian!! Welcome (back) to the roads, and to Netrider :)
  3. Thanks for the welcome Hornet
  4. I love Newcastle. I spent 4 years there at high school, Booragul, then 2 more years at Tahlee, then more than 7 years in the upper Hunter at Denman, so Newcastle was never far away. I watched my first motorsport event there, the 1964 Newcastle Matarra Hill Climb at King Edward Park, first the motorcycle edition, then next weekend the car version.

    The bike meeting featured Aussie Kel Carruthers on his works Honda 250cc four!
  5. Nice ,Its not a bad place to ride, Me and jastel took the the bikes around King Edward today. We Watched the cops follow a big bike around, He gave it abit of a spurt .but we did not hear sirens.

    Stroud brick throwing comp is on tomorrow if your looking for a decent ride with some good views ,And you can make it as hard or as easy as you like.. i like to leave the tar and take the washpool road
  6. Hi
    Yes it is a great place. Even going for the ride along ocean scenic drive is the best.
  7. Welcome Greg

    I used to commute from Warners Bay Queen St in the late '80's, coming home up past "The Beachies" was THE BEST :angel:, built to $140 and scraping fairing on each corner before I decided I'd either get hurt or locked up so started going home with the traffic up City Rd :cry:

    Once this weather improves there may be a few more up for a run, see ya around
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  8. Yah newcastle is mainly for the posers these days .
    Way to many cops ,stupid amount of speed humps and crazy slow speed limits

    The real joys of living here are just out the back. tiny roads you rarely see another person using , Riding through the twisties & rainforest's.

    Their is just to many good ride for me to really ever go into town
  9. :busting:welcom greg...... and we got the best back yard, namely the hunter valley:busting:
  10. Yeh, I have been hunter region a few times and have been up to nelsom bay for run, she is a bit windy at the moment. I have been thinking about Tumut in September with the RATs.
  11. Welcome aboard!

    so many Novacastrians recently.