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Hello from newbie in ADELAIDE

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by les69au, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Just thought i had better put my 2 cents worth in & say hello. I am new to this site but not so new to riding bikes. I am 38 years old & have just purchased a FZ6N. I have recently sold my VTR1000F as I have been unable to ride it much due to a work accident. Anyway just thought i would give you a quick rundown on myself & hope to chat (even meet) some of you soon.... Have a good day/night :)

  2. Hey how ya doing? Welcome. Well glad to hear you though about giving 2 wheels another shot. :grin: There is a coffee thread in "Other States Ride and Event announcments".

    All the talk about meeting up with people in Adelaide for coffee etc happens in there...

  3. Hi and welcome, Les :grin:

    You were born the same year as me, woo hoo :cool:
  4. Welcome aboard Les :)
  5. Welcome, Les. I'm guessing that the semi-naked riding position is a little kinder on you ageing bod, eh??? Anyway, sit down and enjoy the best motorcycling forum in the civilised world...
  6. Welcome les!
    From another newbie S.A. rider.

    Play safe mate!

  7. Awesome stuff, welcome.

    Did someone drop a pile of tagging cards in Rundle st?

    There are heaps of SA people joining up, it's great.
  8. :LOL: Don't look at me..
  9. Hi and Welcome

    Enjoy the experience :grin:
  10. I have been tagging every 2 wheeled machine in the car park I park in...
  11. Do we actualy have cards for the club/forum?
  12. Do we actually have cards for the club/forum?

    Check out the merchandise button :)
  13. welcome, glad to see another Adelaidian on board.

    Going for my L's on Wednesday

    Cant wait.
  14. lol I was wondering who you were, cause I aint seen ya on here before LOL but the whole going for L's on Wednesday would explain it... Good luck! :grin: Its simple as. :) Unless, you are really simple you should pass no problems.
  15. Thanks for that I dont think Im simple, wow a blue car.

    Hope to see some of you guys around
  16. I can see myself spending alot of money there...now where's dads's credit card?