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Hello from New member

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Chris, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Hello all, I've just joined after hearing about this site from a few people so I thought I'd pop in and see what's happening. :D

    I've got '02 SV650S. I've done a few mods to it so far. Which I'll list at the bottom of this thread. I'm a member of www.svdownunder.com and we get together for a few rides, but not enough as far as I'm concerened. Looking forward to meeting some new people and going on more group rides.

    Mods: 15/46 Sprockets, Tank bra, Oggies, Swingarm sliders, Ignition retarder removed, Iridium spark plugs, GSXR SS pegs, Satin finish SS heel pads, SS Bar ends, Harri's grips, Goldfren HH pads. Scorpion SS slip-on exhaust, Progressive springs, 15wt fork oil, Forks raised 6mm, (front ends perfect now) Mini carbon clear indicators - Front and rear, BMC 205/10 filter desnorkled, Mikuni 155 Main jets, Valter Moto Carbon look Yoke cover, Chewy's mirror extenders, Silver Front brake reservoir cap, Silver swingarm spools, Colour Matched Rim Stickers, Carbon look hugger, Tapered head bearings, Powerbronze Undertail.

    Love the SV. :D
  2. Hey Chris..hope to see you on a ride soon :D
  3. Welcome :D

    Geez youve been busy moddin that bike... Somethin ive gotta get round to doin as soon as i stop wastin my money on other crap :wink:
  4. Hello & Welcome,

    Good to see you here.

    Nice job with the mods, hope to see you around sometime soon :p
  5. Hey there mate, welcome to the forums.
  6. Welcome Chris, this is the place to be, everywhere else is a figment of the imagination.....
  7. Hi there Chris and welcome.

    :D :D
  8. Welcome aboard Chris! :)
  9. Hi Chris , welcome .