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Hello from Mornington Peninsula.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by scorpscdr, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    Thought I'd do a quick post to introduce myself. I'm new to the cycle scene, finally got bike license and got my first bike on order. I went with a Hyosung 2013 GV650SL. Expecting delivery next week. Currently riding around on a GV250C, and looking forward to some group rides once I have a bit more practice and confidence under my belt.


  2. a hyo rider.....buying another hyo????


    welcome mate, there are learner sessions down in mexico that someone will be able to tell you about IF ONE OF THEM FRIGGIN MEXICANS PULL THEIR FINGER OUT AND WELCOMES ONE OF THEIR OWN ALREADY...goddam lazy beaners
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  3. Gidday mate welcome aboard :) be prepared for some friendly feed back on your choice of bike :cool:
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  5. Welcome :)
    Come down to Sat practice and meet a stack of NRs.
  6. fixed
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  7. Cheers everyone.
  8. Lol, thanks jeffco

    Way I see it the Hyo is my learner bike before I step up to a bigger cruiser.
  9. Hey Scorps.
    I'm in Frankston - when you get a bigger bike we should go for a ride.

    As for the Hyo..... Well... I dunno what to say.

    Ride safe, ride fast, don't die!
  10. Welcomed to NR. :)
  11. Welcome to NR(y)
  12. fixed again
  13. and fixed
  14. Uncle Greg, I was born and raised in N/Qld, I left there 30+ years ago and would rather not be reminded of the bloody place! :banghead: :)

  15. Hello.

    I am a Mexican.

    You definitely have brand loyalty.

    Welcome - and.......good luck.

  16. NQR.....

    Not Quite Right,

    Although - Far North Queenslander's are pretty NQR - so I guess you are spot on with the reminiscence.
  17. Exactly which is why I got the hell out as soon as I bloody well could lol
  18. welcome along, all of the above count, Unclegreg 'really' is a nice kind of guy, he is 'special' you'll understand when you see him drop his dacks and he shows you his nappy, so fair warning , he does like guys in leathers!! lol seriously tho, sat prac sessions is the go, meet some folk and get onto some rides with them
  19. Thanks everyone, well I'll be picking up my bike this Saturday, so once I've scrubbed the tires in a bit I'll pop down and say hello at the saturday meets in the future.