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Hello from Minnesota, USA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by coopdway, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. I found your forum because I was doing searches on Cafe projects; I'm new to that world, trying my first one with an almost free '74 CB200 barn-for-20-years bike. I belong to our local VJMC group and hang with guys in the local Antique Club, and though I'm not interested in restoration in the least, excitement is building about doing something fun with my faded green twin. Riding is what makes me go; mechanical work and maintenance is what i do to pass our long winters.

    Practically lived on bikes from my teens to early marriage, then gave them up for almost 20 years while the kids were growing up. Was turning 50 and thought it was time to revisit; bought an ST2 on Ebay and now there are others around here, trending smaller it seems and reminding me of the fun and reasons I started riding in the first place.

    'Been lurking, learning and lusting over the projects you guys have been working on; you've definitely got the mods and beautification to an art! I've already learned a lot, been inspired and hope to learn a lot more. Thanks!

    Frontenac, MN
    More of my going's on here
  2. Welcome to NR :).
  3. Welcome Doug

    You should put some of those trips in the Roads, Touring & Riding Diaries section, would make interesting reading.

    What was that can on the back of the Triump Bobber?
  4. Thanks, I'll try and get some trips documented. Not sure about the Bobber's tank, was it for oil? Only guessing, I never got close enough to really take a look. He was riding it everywhere around the infield though; went by many times.
  5. and in the projects section here (NR) check out Steve F's CX500.
  6. welcome to NR, those old scoots you get around on seem to be the beginning of hondas all enclosed 800 cc was it the california or pacific ??
  7. Yes, it was a '97 Pacific Coast. Thanks for the link and I'll check out the CX500. I sold mine a couple of years ago, one more I should have kept ](*,)
  8. Welcome to NR. I went to school not too far from you, in Faribault ;)
  9. Welcome to NR. (y)
  10. A warm welcome to NR! Always great to hear when the riding passion has been revived.

    My dad tells a similar story of how he used to tour on an XT500 across the Victorian and New South Wales outback. Then he sold the bike when he got married and had my sister and I. Since my parent's divorce, he's regained many passions and has fitted out his garage with a nice lathe, drill press and other machinery. He tried to get his NSW riders license restored but they apparently have no record of it, so back on his Learner's and onto a much newer XT250 haha. He's hoping to get a BMW tourer when he moves back to Meriborough, Victoria.