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Hello from Mexico!!1!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by ctjet, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. So hi,

    Like the title says im from Melbourne, Balwyn the be specific, and at the tender age or 25 I’ve finally gotten the balls to stand up to the old man and say ‘no’… so I went with a good friend and got my L’s. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a bike, but have ALWAYS been threatened with being disowned, but now that im a little older and more trusted I think everybody has relaxed and im loving every second of it.

    I was, and to a lesser extent now, an avid Skyline owner but with all the new laws and restrictions… who can be bothered with that. I’ve owned more than enough of my share of modified cars and am now looking for a new and exciting adventure.

    I recently picked up a ‘89 ZX2R (bright yellow one at that) a few months back for $2700 and have been chucking it around ever since. I do feel a bit ridiculous riding a 250cc as im rather tall and my kawa seems to be very small when compared to other similar 250’s. Similarities to me and ‘clown cars’ have been mentioned a few times now… Im already eyeing off the next bike, but am in no particular hurry to get there. Safety first and all that you see. Eventually I would like to get my hands on an ‘05 ZX6R… so sexy… and throw a two bros racing exhaust on it to clean up the somewhat horrendous taillight assembly on the thing, but that’s another story.

    Was told about this site by a friend when we happened to pass a massive group of riders parked in front of the Bells hotel in South Melbourne, maybe it was you guys? But im here now and will be asking a lot of questions. Prepare yourselves.

    See you on the boards,

  2. Welcome. I too am looking forward to getting an 05 matte blue zx6r when possible, even given any budget theres no other motorbike I'd rather have.
  3. It is an awesome piece of machinary. And bang for your buck wise, very difficult to beat... not to mention its one of the best looking bikes going around

    Im hoping to get my hands on a two bros dual V.A.L.E Slip-On Exhaust system for it eventually. There one up on ebay if you wanna have a good look
  4. welcome and hi
    im sure u will have loads of fun as many NR's do
  5. Hi and Welcome from me too.

    Your problem with your Dad makes me laugh... my Dad was dead serious when he told me that the Oxy would come out and I'd only have pieces of a bike left if I bought one. That was 8 years ago and although I only bought my bike last month, I haven't told him bout it yet :oops:

    Talking to my bro on the phone about it the convo went something like this

    Bro: So... have you told Mum and Dad yet?
    Me: Uh... No...
    Bro: And exactly how old ARE you now?!?
    Me: Um.. Almost 30 :oops: :shock: :roll:

    I might tell them next year... :p
  6. Welcome, Ivan :).

    Now you just know that we are all wanting to see your 'clown bike' pictures, so get yourself into gear and post some, please :LOL:.
  7. [​IMG]

  8. Welcome and congrats dude :) Got similar treatment from the old man. He's orite with it now though. You're not too far from me either
  9. hello and welcome to NR

  10. Welcome abaord.. :grin:

    Does one of those bears in the circus riding a bike look like anyone you know.. :LOL:
  11. my old man
  12. so... as always, patience has never been a virtue of mine. I have my full license now and enough in the bank to go for it, i just couldnt wait anymore

    I bought a pearl orange 2005 ZX6R 636 Ninja... dear god its hot

    picking it up sometime during the week, and will post up pics. phizog, dude... sorry, but i had to do it

    will post up pics soon