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Hello from Melbourne's East!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by StueyRowls, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Hello All!

    I'm Stuart and I'm from the somewhat outer suburbs of Melbourne in Vermont. I am a relatively new rider with 7 months clocked up on the bike, currently riding around on a Ninja 250R.
    I was bought along to a NR ride over the summer by OldaRola and had a great time. I'm mostly just looking to improve my skills as much as possible and, most importantly, enjoy some of Victoria's best roads.

    I'll most likely be joining some of the Sunday Learner rides in the near future, just need to remember to bring the thermals :p
  2. Hi StueyRowls, and welcome to Netrider.

    If you're looking to increase your skills, feel free to come along to the Saturday learner sessions in Elwood. There's a sticky thread in the Ride and Event Announcements section for it. A good chatfest too!
  3. Welcome mate, not your fault you live in Melboring :)
  4. Welcome Stuart.
  5. Hi Stuart and welcome to Netrider mate.
    Have fun 'learning', something we all don't (or shouldn't !) stop doing.
    Thermals are a great idea dude (y)
  6. Hey there Stuey, welcome to Netrider.
  7. Cheers for the welcome's all!

    I'll definitely try to make it out to a few Saturday sessions :)


  8. Yes definitely get down to the Saturday practice Stuey, meet & greet some great people and get some invaluable advice from Doug & Dave.
  9. G'day mate, welcome to netrider.
    I used to live in Vermont too - lovely little suburb, isn't it? I bet you liked the close proximity of the HART centre.
  10. Welcome to NR :)
  11. Cheers Phil, will do for sure :)

    Definitely a nice little suburb. Pretty close to some great roads too!
  12. Hi Stuey and welcome to NR
  13. Hello and welcome to NR.
  14. Hi Stuey and welcome. This forum is full of great advice. If you are looking for quality bike clothes at low prices then check out www.bikersgearaustralia.com in Ferntree Gully. Its close by and great prices. I bought a set of leathers for $600 and recently a very warm touring jacket for $189, that will keep you warm on the saturday sessions!
  15. Welcome to NR, Stuey!!
  16. Welcome, stay safe on the road. A bit wet out there atm.
  17. It was fine in the morning when I rode to work. Lets see what happens in the evening. yesterday was fun going home :D Gale force winds, freezing cold and drizzling.
  18. Cheers, for the tip, I'll have to check it out :)

    The weather has certainly been interesting in Melbourne the last few weeks. The weekend looks like we may get a few patches of sun though :D
  19. Saw one motorcyclist battling his way down Citylink as I was going home last night (in the cage). Sky was as black as the inside of a cow, and the poor bastard was getting pelted on good and proper. Bet it was (an albeit short) relief to ride into the Burnley Tunnel to get out of the rain.
  20. I used EastLink from Canterbury to Dandenong Bypass (Soemtimes I go upto Thomsons Rd or Rutherford) yesterday as wanted to get away from the gale force winds which I knew would get even worse if I keep riding onto Rutherford Road exit. Instead took the Frankie-Dandy road which was a little bit better. Even there, I had to stop at one stage to check if I had a flat tyre or something as the bike was wobbling so much. :D