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Hello from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by rawr, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm Laura, 23, I live in Melbourne.
    Just got my L's during the week after wanting a bike for years now.
    Havent got my own bike yet but I am borrowing a Honda VTR.

  2. hello! Welcome to two wheels and Netrider(They don't all bite...much). Lots of good info here. Hope to see you on a mystery Ride or a coffee night(If I'm not getting a cake for the missus that is).
  3. Congratulations and welcome, see you on the road sometime!
  4. Welcome to the wild side.
  5. Hi Laura and welcome to Netrider. A great group of people who are always willing to offer advice and help each other out.

    Hope to see you come along on a ride soon, you'll have a fun time.
    Enjoy the VTR, a good choice for someone starting out, you'll probably like it so much you'll go buy one!!

    What part of melb are you from?
  6. Hello and welcome!

    See you on the road sometime maybe.
  7. Welcome to NR, Laura.

    Ned said:
    And sometimes if you are really lucky, the advice is actually serious advice :LOL:
  8. G'day laura,

    when ya get your confidence up you should definetly come check out some of the netrider get togetheres. I recomend theThursday night mystery ride and sunday suberbikes coffee

  9. Laura,

    Welcome!! congratulations on getting your L's
    More girls on the roads yi-har!
    Shout out if u eva wanna go for a ride!

  10. :) welcome laura..condgradulations on getting your L's
  11. Hi Laura , welcome to NR! If you like the VTR and looking to buy one, check out my sig. :)

    Oh and congrats on getting your Ls.
  12. Thanks everyone!
    I'm from South Yarra Ned.

    I will definately come to some coffees and rides with you all, it sounds like a lot of fun!

    See you all soon!
  13. Hey Laura :)

    It was great to meet you at PHD on Sat night, there are a couple of us Netrider/ravers about.

    Catch up soon
  14. hey good to meet you too!
  15. and occasionally even about motorcycles and riding... :LOL:
  16. More chicks in leather,has to be a good thing. :grin:

    welcome :)
  17. kram64 said:

    You mean like this?

  18. Congrats & Welcome to NR Laura!