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Hello....(from Melbourne)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Assassin, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys...
    I just joined the forum today... so bee nice to me OK ?!

    Brief history: Originally from Africa, lived in Zimbabwe and spent some time in South Africa, Western Australia, and now Victoria... so I been around a bit... I really like touring and can do the long haul if necessary... and I really like photografy, that is taking photos of bikes and landscapes etc.. I'll probably show a few here if that's ok with you guys....

    I dropped my camera and cracked the lens a while back, but it still werks ok and if you see a pic with a line through the middle, then you know it's mine...

    Oh yeah, I got a red Honda (two wheeler), can't remember what model it is, but I bought it cause its red and fast too, so if you see a red bike, wave, it could be me. If I don't wave back, then you know its not me.

    Anyways, catchya.


  2. Welcome Aboard Sass!!

    .. Hang on a sec.
    username: Assassin :shock:
    :shock: :shock:
    << crosshairs? :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I think I get the picture :p
  3. Thanks...

    Hey Vinnie... thanks for the welcome mate.... good on ya !! :wink:
  4. hi and welcome to the madhouse
  5. Madhouse..??

    Did you say madhouse....? am I in the right place ?!! :shock:

    Just kidding <Bubbly>...on ya mate !!

    Many Thanks...
  6. Welcome :) Whereabouts in Melb are you?
  7. Melbourne...

    Hey Yian,

    I live in Eltham, just the other side of Greensborough.... nice and plenty of hills..... I've been in Vic around 2 years now... a lot nicer than WA !! :)

    onya mate!!

  8. Welcome to Netrider, Sass! You certainly picked a nice place for riding, to live :)

    If you post a picture of your bike, I'm sure someone here can help you identify it :LOL:.
  9. Goodo. Eltham is not far away... and you're right about some nice roads up that way :) See you around sometime then eh?
  10. Where do I post ....

    Yeah ok Hornet600, I'll try to post a picture of it for you... what's your P.O. box number ? The pic might have a black line through the middle 'cause of the cracked lens on my camra... is that ok ? :eek: actualy it's getting a bit annoying, especially after I tried to put supergloo on it...

    Yeah, there are some nice rides around Eltham... specially to Yarra Glen and Healesville...

    Thanks Guys....

  11. Are you sure you're bike is a honda, I think it's a ducati - they're red. You know how I can tell - I ride a honda and it's blue.

    Good luck with the photography. If you do well with your cracked lense you may start a new trend! I like photography too but unfortunately I'm not prepared to crack my lense for the sake of new vogue art.

  12. Just saw the picture you posted in multi-media

    The bike is a Honda ST1300. The give away is the word Honda on the front of it and the sticker on the side that says ST1300 :grin:

    But I suspect you may have known that! :cool: