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Hello from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kerpal, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I've been reading the Netrider forums for a while, now that I have a bike I have decided to sign up so that I can join some rides, etc. My partner suggested that I find a hobby other than work, I don't think she meant this...

    I am a daily scooter rider in the city but I have just bought a new RS125 as a weekend/'when I want to' ride. I have ridden trail bikes before but nothing much on the road and so far this thing is an absolute laugh, when the power band hits it is a great feeling, I didn't want anything obnoxiously powerful yet, so this is perfect.

    Anyway just thought I'd say hello, if anyone has some suggestions on where to go for rides just outside of Melbourne that would be great. :)

  2. hi and welcome to NR
  3. Hi Kerpal, Head for Yea and you can't go far wrong. You will find all sorts of interesting roads up that way. You don't say what side of Melbourne you are on though?
  4. I'm 3000 mate, so it does not really matter which side of the city it is. I've still got to get out of it :D

    Just went for a ~60km ride, pretty buggered, one of my wrists is killing me (I think it may be because I have broken it previously). I think I need to work on my seating position and rely less on my arms and more on my thighs. I think I'm getting used to the clutch, only stalled twice!

    Does anyone else ride an RS125, what have your experiences been when you started out?
  5. welcome to NR - I live near the CBD too (Docklands) and currently one of my favourite rides is out to Mt Dandy (via the Sth Eastern/FTG rd to get there reasonably quick) and then go up Mountain Hwy from the Basin to Sassafras which is a 7k's of great twistys and generally bugger all cars. Then either up to Olinda/Sky High or down the other side to Ferntree Gully and back. It does work out to around 100K round trip but is a lot of fun and great to practise cornering technique.
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