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Hello from Melbourne :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by svca, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just got my learners permit a few weeks ago and am in the process of purchasing a bike to practice on.. nothing too exciting just yet (probably going to go for a reliable/relatively standard Honda 250cc - haven't bought anything yet though although this is in the works!).
    I'm here to learn from all the more experienced riders on the site and will be troweling through the forums confusing myself with plenty of advice and recommendations.
    I am hoping that this is my new hobby so really looking forward to getting started properly!
    Thanks for having me here :)

    Sophie from Melbourne
  2. Congrats on getting your licence. And you can't go wrong with a 250 for your first bike. there are plenty of threads on here of people starting out. Just do lots of practise around some back streets when there's not a lot of traffic and you'll be fine. Once you get the hang of it you will be hooked like the rest of us. There is Saturday practise that would be great for you to attend once you are confident to ride to the location. Enjoy

  3. Thanks Mooney! Will make sure I suss out this Saturday practise when I get the hang of it a bit more, what a great idea!
  4. Hello. Welcome to Nutrider. Us locals are a bit loopy, but we're generally pretty harmless. :wacky:
  5. Welcome Sophie,
    Where are you based ?
    When you say hobby, what do you plan? Just riding, or tracking /racing ?

  6. I live in Camberwell

    Just riding for the time being, definitely don't have enough experience yet to even consider anything more than that! We'll see how we go down the track though haha
  7. Good luck with your bike hunt. Hopefully we'll see you out on the road soon.
  8. I live in North Balwyn, so if you need someone to show you the way to Saturday Practice (or shepherd the cagers away from you), let me know, and I can meet up with you at one of the servo's or something. I'll have to get a leave pass from the Mrs first though.
  9. The photo doesn't show what she's doing with her left hand. I'll give you a clue: it's painful for the bloke... :p
  10. Painful ? that's just foreplay I usually have to pay for my pain :wacky:
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  11. Well...Welcome to NR...

    You've met the usual culprits...

    The Saturday practice is one awesome place to go to. A lot to learn from there...
  12. Gday Svca, if youre still on the hunt for a good learner bike maybe have a look at a honda cb400. Probly cost a bit more than a 250 so depends on your budget too. My mrs has one and sometimes i ride it to work just coz its got such a silky smooth inline 4 engine and a joy to ride, and ive got 6 bikes with motors 3 times the size. With the cb400 you could live with it once youre done on tour Ls and still enjoy it. Its very light nimble and sits on 100km/ very nicely. The motor is silky smooth and a real pleasure to ride. My mrs one has heated grips and a ventura rack and bag fitted on back. We do some big trips on it and is more than capable as a great touring bike. Its not an overly powerful race machine and it likes to rev but in my book it ticks so many boxes especially if youre not overly tall.
  13. Haha thanks everyone :)
    Wouldn't want to step on toes but at some stage when I've had a little more practise that would be great, thanks for the offer!
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  14. A big Hello from me ;)
  15. Now! you have met all the usual culprits. ;)
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  16. Welcome, Sophie. :D

    ahhh.. There is this one bloke that rides a red vfr up our street. might be you, huh? If it is, give a few more revs.. Bike sounds great :)

    if you hear someone riding a generator that'd be me :)
  17. Hi Sophie.....:)
  18. What's the budget for the bike ? I would say keep it to 200-250 cc , ktm duke 200 would be plenty of fun, there are few used for sale online, with smaller bike you will learn and gain confidence quicker ,practice in the evenings around your area when less cars and people on the street, practice quick stops , roundabouts, u turns, looking through corner, gripping tank with your knees, and good posture, and very relaxed grip on handlebars etc ,once more confident go highways freeways at night no one there , don't try to keep up with others ride your own tempo. Lookup video "twist of the wrist". Good luck and don't hesitate to ask questions
  19. Good thing I no longer live across the road from Inspector Dave, who is in charge of the solos in the State Highway Patrol! ;)

    I'm east of Greythorn Rd. Is it me?