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hello from Melbourne~

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Deni, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Hi all, just a quick hello to introduce myself.
    i'm a brand new rider on a brand new bike. :)
    i'm quite inquisitive in nature, so i'm just bursting with questions about riding and bikes. many thanks now for anyone who might help out in the future!
    i'd just dropped my bike on the weekend actually, from a standing position. what a pain... learning from my mistake i'll be getting oggy nobbs now.
    my baby is a ninja 250r. not broken in yet, so it feels slightly a strange /sluggish to me. hope it'll grow out of it.
    i had a go at taking off the fairing on the weekend, because of the damage from the drop. i would really love to replace the fairing and the indicator myself. does anyone know if there's anything i should watch out for?

  2. welcome Deni!

    dont worry about the upcoming pics requests, everyone seems to get it ;-)

    hope your coming along to some of the learners festivities?
  3. Not sure if things improved with the Ninja but the fairing screws on the previous model (GPX) were very, very easy to strip the heads on. So make sure that you use a screwdriver that fits perfectly, and don't use an electric screwdriver.
  4. Welcome. Fine choice for a first bike. Shame about it not being pristine anymore but that's all just part of learning. Most people drop it in the early stages.

    Good source of info here and a solid supply of knowledgeable folk at Sat morning practice here in Melbourne if you can get yourself down to elwood.

    I'll leave the obligatory temperature query to one of the others.
  5. Welcome Deni :) just actually changed over the broken fairing in my ninja 250. Lots of those pesky little black plastic clips but it's fairly easy. If you haven't bought them yet and are willing to wait, Tyga are super cheap for fairings and they're OEM (well that's what they say)

    Hope you're having fun :)
  6. Welcome to the NutHouse Deni :D

    Hope to see you @ a Saturday learners morning soon ..
  7. Welcome Deni.. i can swear by oggy knobs after a case of stupid last weekend.. good luck pulling the covers off the bike.. it can be frustrating .. just go slow and take pictures as a map to put it back together again..

    And since all the blokes in this joint have obviously lost their mojo.. ..

    Are you hot?
  8. A PortaLou asking a chick if she's hot..so many strange images just entered my head.. :rofl: (sorry lol)

    Welcome to NR Deni (y)
  9. I figured i should do it now coz i could claim "im not quite myself at the moment" :)
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  10. you show me your RSVs and i'll show you mine ;-)
  11. Welcome! Don't feel too bad about dropping it. Most people do mess up their first bike somehow! My poor poor GS500. Oh well! hah
  12. Welcome aboard Deni
  13. Hi Deni & welcome to our little corner of the Interweb :D

    Fairly straightforward.
    You can download a workshop manual at,

    Actually, they're cap screws! (Allen keys required) :rofl:
  14. There ya go :angel: mine's below ... the twins are in the other pic ..

    My partner saw your's on Saturday , nice piece of machinery :)

    ooppsie ... sorry to hijack your thread Deni:-s

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  15. ^^ smartarse! (y)
  16. NO !!!

    This is being a smartarse :p:p

    All our bikes :)

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  17. No, that's SMARTARSE!!! =D>
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  18. Fair enough. That just means it's more likely to snap the head of the bolt than to strip it. I'd still be cautious removing them, especially if they were loctited in by the dealer.
  19. Hello and welcome Deni, pity about dropping the bike.