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Hello from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TriumphDaytona, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'll be going for my L's for the second time this Thursday, (I passed the first time 3 years ago but let my license expire).

    I would love some advice on what kind of bikes to look at for my first bike. I weigh 71kg and am 173cm tall. Something that I could ride for about a year before I upgrade to a larger bike (Daytona).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    P.S. I was riding a XR400r when I had my license the first time, wasn't really set up for the road with the really aggressive tire set up. On that note, I only once took it off road, so not a huge amount of experience here.


  2. hello Adul,
    good luck with your pre P test.
    If you're not taking to offroad, take a look at those few supermotards.
    Specifically, I heard alot of good things about Aprilia SXV550, one of my neighbours own one. It depends on your budget and preference, too, ofcourse.
  3. SXV550 is a nice looking bike, but im leaning towards a supersport.
  4. Hello Abdul,
    Welcome on board and all the best for your test. You'll be restricted to a lams bike for a minimum of 15 months providing you go for your license after staying on your l's for the minimum 3 months.

    There are plenty of lams bikes out there but all depends on your budget.
  5. Budget will probably be around $7k. I will definitely be getting a LAMS bike, but worried that a 250 might get a bit boring after a while. I was thinking a RFV400 but i hear they are not too learner friendly, and a bit expensive.

    Something that I could keep until I'm off my LAMS. I just have to hop on each bike and see whats best.

    Thanks for the friendly welcome!!
  6. Welcome and good luck with the L's :D

    GS500 is a great bike ...
    mine's 4 sale atm if ur interested in having a look ..
    check ot my link :D
  7. get yourself something that will hold its value second hand you will love the daytona when the time comes they are a great bike and not as hard too ride as a lot of people imply
  8. Hi Abdul and welcome to NR

    The popular 250's are the Ninja and the VTR. In the over 250 category, the GS500 seems to polular and good.

    You basically need to go to the show rooms and sit on a few and see what feels right for you.

    The other thing you may want to factor in is insurance costs. They can be quite high for a new rider and are likely to vary between bikes. I like faired bikes but they can be more expensive to repair in a minor drop such as learners are more likely to do.
  9. Hi Abdul,
    You'll find there are many awesome bikes available during your 'LAMS' period. The Bikes For Sale section is constantly updated with Netrider members' bike sales ads.
    If it is indeed a GS500 that you're interested in, Kitt's one (advertised in the above mentioned section) is a FINE example, with many accessories already installed, and going for a ridiculously cheap price. Do make sure you browse through and check it out !
    I've seen it in person ( ;) ) and it's very eye-catching.

    Best of luck with your L's - being in Thomo, I'm assuming you're doing your course at Armstrongs ? Can speak very highly of their courses, having done both mine with them some time ago.

    Welcome aboard bud.
  10. Cheers for the response guys, I noticed Kitt's bike in the For Sale section, and it looks great but I'm more interested in a sports bike. I'll be shopping around this weekend hopefully to see what suits me.

    Armstrongs is where ill be doing it again, just like the first time.
  11. Welcome (back) to riding, and to Netrider :)